To Prove the Truth

Topics: Justification

To be able to prove something is true, you have to obtain disposable evidence that proves your information isn’t false. For example, if someone were to accuse another of murder. They’d have to have the proper evidence to think so. First, they would need the murder weapon. Next, they’d have to have something, such as a fingerprint leaking them to the murder weapon. Only then can they prove it to be true. It’s important to construct proofs in mathematics, to make sure your equations are correct, and you can prove to others so.

A mathematical proof gives evidence of how a mathematician found the solution to a math question. Proofs can be mostly from inferred information. They can be summed up as pure evidence. This most common proof structure is a statement/justification table. For example, 1+1=_. The first you would put on a statement justification table is simply what was given to you in the problem. So, it would be 1+1, in the statement box, and given as your justification.

Lastly, your reasoning for your answer: Your statement would be 1+1=2, and the justification one number after 1 is two.

The word congruent means the same; equal to. When two figures are congruent, they have the same values in sides and angles. They will be the same. The figures can be proven congruent by using the most common mathematical proof. The postulates S.S.S, S.A.S, A.S.A, and H.L are lines of congruency. They prove the two figures are congruent.

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H.L stands for Hypotenuse-Leg, representing a triangle that has two legs and a hypotenuse, being the longest side. Most likely these are right triangles that can be proven congruent in this case. SSS means side-side-side, these have equal sides, most likely an equilateral triangle.SAS means side-angle-side, acute triangles mainly obtained. A.S.A is angle, side, angle. These are mainly scalene triangles but can be obtuse triangles as well. They like the others can be proven as congruent. Theorems A.S.A and S.S.S cannot be congruent.

A triangle is a shape with three sides and three vertexes. There are three types of triangles. The first is a scalene triangle. A scalene triangle has three unequal sides. Its angles add up to 180 degrees, not one being a specific number. Two of its sides are lower than the hypotenuse. The second is an equilateral triangle. Of its three sides, they are all equal. Its angles degrees measure up to 180 degrees. Each angle must be 60 degrees for it to be an equilateral triangle. It is the most common triangle of them all. Lastly, is the isosceles triangle. It has two equal sides and a leg at its base. It has one line of symmetry. It equals up to 180 degrees, with two of the angle degrees being the same. These are the three types of triangles, and how to construct them.

Project-Based Learning is an instructional method that makes students apply the knowledge they’ve endured in a classroom setting. It presents a way for students to deeper understanding. Students gain skills by working for some time to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex challenge. It’s important in a math class as much as it is in any other classroom. Project-based learning in mathematics, particularly when completed in teams, helps learners ‘model with mathematics’. When they apply the mathematics they know to solve problems arising in everyday life. They can construct viable arguments. They critique the reasoning of others. When they know how to do the work. Also, some students learn better with hands-on tasks. Some are too quiet or even embarrassed to ask for help in class. Project-based learning allows them to do better. Project-based learning in math can even make math fun again. When kids lose their grip on things and it starts to seem boring because they’re just left confused, they tend to give up. A project can make it fun, and get them back to participating in class. Because of project learning, you have your full class back again.

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