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Every inch of my individuality is indebted to my family who gifted me with strong roots and wide wings. It all started in the State of Kuwait where my family is put up. I grew and finished my entire schooling there itself. I was blessed with an opportunity to interact with people and fellow students from different nationalities. I always had a strong desire to explore new things at every stage and experience the best of them. As a result, moved to Bangalore, India after finishing my 12th grade in Kuwait.

I took up Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and graduated from Jain College (Bangalore University). Towards the end of my Bachelor’s days, I was graced by God and got a good job through a placement program conducted by Jain College. I started a new phase in life at Deloitte which is one of the top firms providing premium services to their clients across the world. It has been a wonderful one year and a couple of months journey with Deloitte, a great learning experience indeed.

I got hands-on and learned the firm’s functions and processes. Through my years of spending time at different phases, I have realized one common thing which most of them could not negotiate was good customer service. Where ever I have traveled, I was able to notice this. Everyone is so particular about their satisfaction with every service they received.

This attitude that customers possess has given a great boon to business. It is quality delivery provided by us that turns single-time buyers into long-term clients.

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I believe that investing in employees, good training, and fresh methods will always bring in happy returns to the business. Key factors dictating success would be good leadership and organizational knowledge combined with delivering the right customer expected outputs. I got a chance to see how corporate works and what is all involved in it. I would always work towards delivering customer delight and not just regular customer satisfaction. I strongly believe that studying my desired course at a University that has good subject content about it is so important. I could surely see that in your University after going through the course modules and I know that a degree in Master of Business Administration from your University will bring me one step closer to my goal. As it is situated in the United Kingdom which is a well-known place for higher studies, it would add more value and meaning to my course. I would want to learn clear communication skills, successful leadership skills, and smart managerial techniques. I’m looking forward to networking with like-minded classmates, learning from the leaders in this field, getting motivated, exchanging experiences, and incorporating fresh ideas to become a successful MBA professional. I know it requires hard work and perseverance to achieve my goal, I’m ready to do that for making my dream come true and lead a life that I have desired. I have heard pretty good things about the University and its courses, waiting to start another new phase with exciting things at my door.

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