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Ticket to Paradise by Gaby Hauptmann Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Book Reviews

Clara, the silent culture mouse from Germany, thirty six years old and a doctorate art historian, has begun her four year old daughter Katie in Mallorca a new life. With Andrés, a local, they live in an apartment house by the sea. They operate a thriving restaurant.

Clara has evolved in character. Now she has become, according to the narrator of “mature yet playful, down to earth and yet more adventurous, responsible and at the same time leichtlebiger” – in short: it combines irreconcilable differences in her person … which is probably imagine a kind of ideal character. This can also be about the quality of this new novel “Ticket to Paradise” say, because Gaby Hauptmann is the “Queen” of light literature. Even the book title announces what the reader can expect: nothing less than paradise. Gladly, the author uses clichés like the sweet life with a glass of sparkling wine and lobster under the eternally blue sky of Majorca. The love affair between Clara and Andrés fits this: With his tanned skin, perfectly formed calves and the muscular buttocks it is simply the most beautiful. That Andrés his career was not given to the managing director of the restaurant, it definitely in the propagated image of an ideal world in which we already which has to do.

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Still, provides this novel with its well-read, liquid voice style simple content and acts good relaxation. Certainly better than some mindless television entertainment show!

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