"Stories For A Relaxed Holiday Season" By Ursula Baumhauer

The Christmas paperbacks from the Diogenes Verlag have tradition. Although already more than a dozen published collections, manages the editors still to make new texts locate appropriate to the occasion, not trivialize the issue. Whether serene, contemplative, romantic or thriller paint, the selected authors have something to say, enrich the reader with a new facet of that Christian festival, the people like no other responds.

That his religious core has dissolved for the majority in nothing and it sprawls a gigantic commercial superstructure, in our time is not a unique phenomenon and not reversible.

But we would not our cultural roots cut when we completely without comment leaving the meaningless materialism the field? This volume of stories – entertaining, unobtrusive, without any sentimentality – can trigger thinking, if you’re sensitive to it. One can enjoy only as good literature it easy too.

This year’s theme gift giving is an ur-Christmassy. Even the kings from the East brought the baby Jesus so expensive gifts to his crib.

The Diogenes title accesses the skepticism which is now connected to the taverns. Completely opt out of routine ( “This time we will give us nothing.”) Is one of several options. About the pair range, the intent is certainly not easy to endure. Oh, the kids will still be sad! If we could spare the whole year so little time for the elderly parents have, they should be happy at least for Christmas with a gift! And already the known pressure is back.

We rush through the city and desperate search for the one object she / he does not already own.

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(Sure that someone needs something Commercially really , you can still hardly hope.) This procedure not expensive tie or necklace as the true gift, but the selfless sacrifice counts at the end of valuable time and energy in acquisition of objects. Even this bonus is lost when “Give” atrophied to a click, “Add to Cart”.

Twenty content diverse stories, novel excerpts and other types of text has Ursula Baumhauer collected for this anthology. About one-quarter of which comes from ‘classical’ writers (ETA Hoffmann, Fontane, Èechov, Kaschnitz, Kaestner – not one of them is ‘tapped’), the other on the other of Swiss, German and renowned authors Nations Paulo Coelho about Patricia Highsmith to Dennis Lehane and Anna Stothard. Three stories were specially written for this edition. More Reviews beautiful: Books and music CDs for the Advent and Christmas Bücher and music for Advent and Christmas on books reviews “.

From unrealizable desires Anna Stothards is narrative. Angel, 22, working as a teller at a hotline expensive. Their sensitivity they qualify for this activity, and at the same time, it is the reason that the work she stressed. She feels the problems and needs of the people who call them the hard way, their sadness, loneliness, guilt. Even on Christmas Eve sitting Angel mimic alone in her shabby rooms and must gaiety to gloom foreign caller lighten. Caller No. 17 provides. As Samantha ago and is otherwise quite monosyllabic. Reluctantly she gives details of the award terrible human loss, over whom they have not come across. it appears their listener the more she talks about her sad story, the known. Angels own mental state is intertwined with this dramatic revelation …

Astrid Rosenfeld’s story “I am the Auerhahn” advised reluctant desires conflict each other. The five-year-old Paul hardly attracts attention in the chaotic patchwork family that surrounds him. Papa has a new relationship and spends his Christmas in Spain. Mama Deborah will go to her father. Which is in hospice, and precisely on Christmas Eve you have to expect his death. Paul’s sister Anna, thirteen, has absolutely no nerve for him because their antennae are full in Ron, her new swarm directed.

They constantly hanging around on Facebook and waiting for his post. Recently, she wants no meat to eat more, and Christmas gifts are soooo how you Ron has taught with his talk about the shit-capitalism, which makes the whole world of broken target. Mama’s new lover is Holger. He would like to move in with her, but with the children he could yet make no cuts. Because Mama at Grandpa’s, Holger to celebrate with the kids Christmas. Peacemakers a turkey must be found, to great presents. Paul knows who worried the presents: Mama. comes So to everyday life “Sometimes I’m aleine and that is not nice and then I would have loved a dog.”

Astrid Rosenfeld’s story, so from afar Nevertheless he trusts the good Lord his suffering and his wishes to the episode “Christmas morning” from Theodor Fontane’s first novel “Before the storm” (1878). We are in the winter 1812/13 at Schloss Hohen-Vietz, at the top of the top floor of the Prussian caste society, and look down on the ground. The Times under the Napoleonic occupation are hard, the patriotic movement against the French grows, under pressure from the people holding together. Before the noble family of the von Vitzewitz on Christmas morning itself to mess below (a “procession”), needy, sick and elderly intent from the village with gifts are. “The sick a soup cripple received alms, all a hard cake.” Maids pour the children apples and nuts in the brought sacks and bags. “No one pressed forward; everyone knew that this would be his to him.” “We live in wonderful days,” says the old Vitzewitz.

Almost at the end of the book – 288 pages no air number – provides Rolf Dobelli in his “Christmas questionnaire” (2013 in the Zurich Weltwoche  the first time printed) eighteen profound questions about the importance we attach to itself the butler: “What do you prefer: a useful gift or one that comes from the heart” – “How would you like to thank as beggars for alms?” – “Do you consider the fact that you exist, as a gift, and if so, by whom?”

“This time we will give us nothing,” offers every reader a suitable to his favorite genre narrative. Romantic Anton Èechovs is rapid sled ride (from “fear. Seven Stories of Love”), bizarre and exciting Dennis Lehane’s “The bartender” (from the Mafia thriller “The Drop”), suitable for reading aloud for the whole family on Christmas Eve to “the little man and the great gift” (from Erich Kastner’s “novel for children” “the little man and little Miss”), and all Businesspeople illustrates the inimitable Martin Suter how the company motto “Do good and talking about “purposeful converts (” Every year – customer gift “, originally from the NZZ ). If you have agreed with your partner or your partner the way, this time really. to pay anything not , so do not let me discourage / to surprise him at least with a minute attention.

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"Stories For A Relaxed Holiday Season" By Ursula Baumhauer
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