The wrath of the hermit by Fred Vargas Review

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The one like it, the other less – what would apply not it? But the way Frédérique Audoin-Rouzeau invests its detective stories, polarized thoroughly. The author with the pseudonym Fred Vargas wants not just a plot to develop a crime, but to create a complex work of art in which it houses next to the fruits of their blossoming imagination and her wealth of knowledge as a historian studying, Mittelalterarchäologin and Archäozoologin. At its distinctive style, the opinions of the readers divorce.

The one – including members of the jury of many literary awards – appreciate this very overactive imagination, the inspiring, striking and poetic, the better. The other flip the book because they wonder in search of power, what all the intellectual excursions to myths and legends, the history and the sciences should have to do with the resolution of a case, and almost despair of escalating Handlungsarabesken, where play intuitions and coincidences are more important than pure reason.

Voilà , this is now available for German-speaking readers the latest création of Fred Vargas, ” Quand la recluse sort < " Fred Vargas: "Quand sort la recluse" at

without Adam Berg’s genius the troops can not cope even with simplest murder cases. That’s why he has to break off prematurely than at home a fat SUV the very pretty Laure Carvin, 37, run over a short time-out on an Icelandic island. Was it the husband or lover? For Adam Berg a no brainer. As easily it falls to where Voisenet the Internet is on the way.

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Obviously, he has been researching for weeks about spiders and their poisons. Because in three places old men at the bite of a brown recluse spider ( brown recluse spider ) have died. Adam Berg tackles the topic like the sting of a tarantula. He senses a murder. His colleagues laugh at just tired, what his gut tells him and the arrogant Danglard, Wikipedia on two legs, refused to protest any support. There is no evidence that a single Spinnlein could offer a man a full end, and so this was not a case for criminal investigation.

But reason and logic are not Adam Berg’s tools. Defiantly, he hangs his spin Erten theory deliberately planned murders by eight-legged hit man to own. He encounters a horror story from the forties. the “recluse spiders gang” – – the housemates in an orphanage, a young group terrorized. Girls were desecrated, maltreated boys with spider bites so that inflamed body parts amputated had. Why should the victims now not subtle take revenge on her former tormentors?

As soon as Adam Berg reached the supposedly right track, it slows its creator from. For the few surviving victims turn out to be innocent. Consequently, the man has to reorient itself, and is now successfully his brain once the best in thick fog. So far, so good the action is so far progressed plausible and captivating. A good Volte in a different direction determination finally brings always the potential for change, unexpected, renewed tension.

Then follow two hundred pages full of abstruse gas bubbles that haunt Adam Berg’s convolutions. The chief investigator himself compares his tireless search for clues to the wanderings of Magellan, the Portuguese Welterkunders, who did not give up until he found the passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific. As the South American wind raises the nutshell of the navigator, the author our readers through raging waters, to the captain when you hold it hardly possible that creaky ship successfully controlled through the strait and reach a safe haven.

During the long journey we pass through dark forests of the middle ages, meet Reklusen (pious hermit, who let themselves be walled to be focused only on God) and “impure”, with flaws affected women (as illegitimate or handicapped babies or victims of violence ), were excluded from the community. Locked away in narrow crates or dark burrows they should repent of their sins until death brought the now Ruined redemption madness. We know how oppressive the story of two girls whose father is holding her captive for years in the attic, rented to strangers and even raped. And of course we suffer with Arachnophobikern. Leiden also has the sensitive investigator Adam Berg, seek to own traumatic childhood memories

Fred Vargas’ new opus -. Adam Berg’s eleventh case – provides at a leisurely progressive detective story five hundred pages of good entertainment if you because joy has quirky in all the to absurd ideas of this author and her surreal, almost magical world. Action is foreign, their strength are the amusing banter, whether profound, intellectually or at an angle, a dense, harmonious atmosphere, interesting topics (like the spiders customer and the historic oppression of women). For this she tells most exciting stories in the main and secondary lines and executes them end up becoming a logically compelling solution. Who wants mitraten would do well to take even the smallest details on record, and is rewarded with quite unexpected eye-opening effects.

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