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The woman from the sea by Andrea Camilleri Review Paper

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Andrea Camilleri in the years 2007 to 2009, a The individual titles of the trilogy can be found listed at the end of the page.”

The first volume was published in Italy in 2007 (Mit a purchase through this link to support you my offer-danke!”

The story revolves around a 1890 from America to vigata returned man, Gnazio Manisco. From his savings he buys with a deep feeling for trees and plants a piece of land between the sea and sky, turning it into a veritable paradise.

his happiness seems complete when he beautiful Maruzza Musumeci wins for itself. But her family bears for generations a mystery in itself, the Maruzza Gnazio entrusted and its implications, he only accept needs before they consent to the marriage.

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This mystery is the link between her Sicily and its roots in antiquity. Camilleri suggested so at ease that the values ​​represented in the great myths and legends of ancient Greece today are still valid (should) as the progress of the imaginative story illustrated. The garden in which to live and Gnazio Maruzza with their growing family, the place of their hopes and desires of life and death is …

But Camilleri is also committed to when he could settle on a nostalgic island time and society critics might. With the same intensity he deals with the massive upheavals that shook the rural Sicily of the early 20th century and a high price demanded – even for Gnazio and Maruzza

<. / a> Reviews to all parts of the trilogy of books reviews:

  1. the woman from the sea | Maruzza Musumeci
  2. The signalman | Il casellante Lesen here my review of Andrea Camilleri:’Der Bahnwärter’ on books Rezensionen” /li>
  3. The shepherd boy | Il sonaglio

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