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The Wild Boar Who Shot Liberty Valance by Jordan Meacham Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Into The Wild

This is probably the weirdest piece of fiction, published in Italy for some time. When Premio Strega in 2016, it captured the fourth place. In over fifty chapters a gifted storyteller tells a whole region, draws a few dozen characters unterschiedlichster Couleur, philosophize about God and the world and leads the way just how cognition, thinking, communicating and speaking work. Finally, we gain insight into a hitherto completely underestimated spiritual world -. The

Corsignano is the wild boar, a (fictional) village, as many in the remote, mountainous and forested area is on the border between Tuscany and Umbria. Tourists will not find here. The impressive landscape is wild and untouched and timeless in their seasonal changes. The original inhabitants of the dense forests – black and red deer, birds and insects – live undisturbed, only startled the hunting season. The corsignanesi is a relatively closed society. The kinship ties to dig deep, everyone knows each other, secrets have a limited life. Above all arches, always within reach, the sky of the endless universe and straightens the dimensions and relativities.

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This microcosm portrays author Giordano Meacci (born in 1971) with admirable stamina meticulousness and escalating creativity. Explain to want what all happens in this book, is a hopeless task. Many chapters tell self-contained stories, but some plot threads run through several chapters. About a dozen protagonists, young and old, here and there, sometimes as a central, get involved sometimes as minor characters, make up the core staff of Corsignano. These include Agnese, died at only 39 years and buried in a turbulent unfortunate ceremony on 19 July 1999, just as it had some expected after its battered reputation. In addition to her husband Salvo she leaves an incredibly mature sixteen year old son, Walter, of numerous classic films until the details are well known and older with his seven years friend Fabrizio discussed – in the night of the funeral, it is “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” (a John -ford-Western from 1962 with John Wayne). Andrea Bui and Durante Salvani are another pair of friendly boys. Andreas Father Amedeo runs the local gun shop and brings by risky actions on the brink of ruin.

In a kind of spiral large structure takes place leisurely in two stages (mid-July 1999 to December 1999 to November 2000) a complex, well-mixed commedia umana . People are born and die, love and hate, despise and appreciate, cheat and betray one another, killing themselves and others, but above all they talk a lot. Their passions are fueled by love in all its varieties, hunting (a similarly widespread Italian Passion), gambling and gossip. The omniscient and omnipresent narrator, has always close to the action that times tragic, sometimes comic trains, sometimes by stress, impresses times by thoughtfulness.

kindly facilitated us the author started by a preceding map and some genealogical Steckbriefchen. Later deceive pedantic facts have repeatedly happens, the narrator could all the events in a somehow beschaffenen universal system Einnorden in which the zahlenmystische constellation otto / Trentatre appears to play a fateful role ( “otto minuti e Trentatre secondi”, “otto virgola Trentatre”, “delle otto e Trentatre del mattino del 23 marzo 1984” …). But no – all irony. Always be right back into perspective ( “centimetro in più, centimetro in meno”).

Soon you realize already that we are familiar with principles of order (chronology, degree of relationship, places, cause and effect …) for orientation not are as vital as they appear to us. At some point you are there on to stay on their trail, and simply follow the Ariadne threads Meacci obsessively spinning in front of him as if he could not help: in endless sentences, round Herschwenks, parentheses, arabesques ., innuendo, according to the phonetic verschriftlichten dialect phrases unconventional accents and various types of texts (newspaper articles, script, police report, radio interview …)

What makes the unusual Rhapsody backbone, is an additional and innovative perspective: that of an awakened wild boar. His reddish neck coat pattern is created by the name Cinghiarossa , and this strong, inquisitive Eber is the real protagonist of the novel. Agnese funeral initiates be key event; in the night from 19th to 20th July 1999, he will hear Tom Doniphon (John Wayne) Ransom Stoddard (James Stewart) encourages: ” Ripènsaci, amico Ripènsaci ..,” and everything will change for him

Cinghiarossa -. or better Apperbohr , as the name in cinghialese , the boar language is – observed and listened for some time – first by chance, then systematically – what people ( gli Alti sulle zampe ) moves so when they stand together solemnly in the cemetery, in the middle of the night on a forest car park in a small car love, discuss in their homes watching television ( sassi luminosi ) as stockpiles, use tools, repair fences, organize their communities. The key to all this is the language. About the meanings of words to open up his complex, abstract relationships, awareness of identity, transience, history, life and death. ” Ripènsaci, amico .” – so you can already happened long ago Rethinking? He has to learn to deal with uncertainties, doubts and contradictions.

< Sa solo che da quel momento in poi - questo pensiero gli è entrato dentro la testa prima in modo embrionale, poi s'è scaldato con il fuoco e laminato incerto di tutta una serie di chiarificazioni - non può più tornare indietro. Comprende istintivamente l'idea di un great e di un dopo . <

< .. . tutta la forza che i secoli gli hanno date più questa improvvisa Consapevolezza che gli è piovuta addosso possono renderlo invincibile : è questa la parola, niente lo può più fermare, perché lui è una massa che hanno i secoli plasmato a forma di cinghiale , epperò ora da tutta quell'idea comune e vaga di cinghiale lui si è scoperto un apperbohr . Anzi no: Apperbohr , eccolo il cinghiale che assomma tutti gli altri [...] e li-saving uno , lui può essere invincibile. <

< all volte, come in questo momento , riesce difficile anche a lui trovare la parola giusta, all volte gli sembra che qualcuno abbia cambiato le etichette delle parole ( etichetta l’ha scoperta da poco, passando davanti al negozio dell’Alta sulle zampe che chiamano Rosalba , e Fioraia , a Corsignano). All volte gli sembra che esistano parole giuste dai significati sbagliati (la parola è significati ) – e che è vero anche il contrario. <

Unfortunately, Apperbohr sentenced to a tragic, isolated existence. The corsignanesi does not escape that become the Cignali ultimately defiant are ( ‘E’ non ci si capisce più niente nemmeno co ” lloro. ” ), but that a boar studied them, they can have no idea, of course. Wisely, it sees all thirst for knowledge on offer distance from the people, their dogs and guns.

From its peers alienated Apperbohr . He fails to lead them out of their state of innocent immaturity. Thus, the four-legged Prometheus desperate struggles, them the fire of his knowledge in simple concepts and in their own idiom – to make available so inadequate – a very vocal poor Grunzsprache with gestural components that will be presented in a “manual” in the notes and scientifically analyzed strictly are their intellectual capacities, so low is their interest.

Apperbohrs conversations with his partner and the confrontations with the Horde to pack leadership and strategies are fascinating studies, a struggle to capture knowledge, truth and language like his attempts the human bustle and thinking. Verniedlichender Vermenschlichungskitsch can not be found – possibly a hint of the myth of the ‘noble savage’. The valley of the river Nardile is an idyll topos as the “clearing of the deer” ( “la Radura dei Graar-Ar”), where the boar-men fight out their rivalries once did in pentameter ( “Qu è llo che d ì ci mi tr ò va col cu ​​ ò re in tum ù lto / O on < strong> ì co mio c each ro e sod each le di t each nth batt each glie! “).

Although the entire work runs through a light humor, a slight irony that reading is not always lightly. Sometimes the time in the province expands endlessly, and sometimes the red pencil of lector Meaccis would have to write elementary urge like to be able to brake rigorous. But as far as fantasy wealth, linguistic precision and creativity and the multidimensionality of intellectual ideas, this original, entertaining and witty book is unbeatable. Millesimo di secondo in più o meno in; grafema segnato o Pensato in meno, o in più.

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