The Various Knowledge Management Strategies for the Implementation of Organisational Insights

Organizations use knowledge management strategies to facilitate the creation, distribution, and representation, and implementation of organizational insights. These kinds of insights usually, consist of knowledge that the individuals, in an organization, can use during the execution of organizational processes. Knowledge management is diverse in nature and incorporates concepts, such as business administration, management of information systems and organizational management. This implies that knowledge management is important, in the formulation of business strategies, in an organization. This essay provides an overview of how Broadgrain in Africa utilizes knowledge management.

in addition, it outlines needs analysis, the implemented policies, and a conclusion concerning the effectiveness of knowledge management policies at the organization.

A needs analysis essentially involves the assessment of the key areas that require the implementation of the formulated policies. and the various staff members of the organization in question. Since Broadgrain focuses on international markets. one of the significant areas that require effective application is knowledge management. The knowledge management policy will focus on the marketing department of Broadgrain in Africa.

The marketing department will be a significant area of concern during the application of knowledge management strategies. ln regard to the core purpose of the organization, the marketing department aims at ensuring collaborative efforts. With the potential customers, in order to enhance the competitive advantage, and increase the productivity of the organization.

The application of knowledge management be aimed at facilitating the management of risks by the customers and facilitating the streamlining of the organizational processes With the requirements of the customers.

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The proposed plan of approach is bases on an organizational perspective, which puts more emphasis on the design of the organizational structure and culture. and particularly the marketing department. The technique deployed in the implementation of knowledge management practices will entail the use of motivations and technologies. Motivations serve to enhance knowledge management efforts. Significant factors used to influence knowledge management efforts include the application of the available knowledge towards the development, and the provision of goods that the company specializes in a given region, which in this case, is Africa.

Another significant consideration is fostering innovation Within the organization. management of organizational learning and the distribution of the required expertise among the various departments, in the organization. In addition, knowledge management Will entail the management of business environments and providing employees with knowledge sources regarding their areas of specialty. The significant problem identified in Broadgrain Africa. is that there is no adequate information for its employees, especially those under the marketing department. The implemented policy aims at fostering the availability of knowledge sources within the organization, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the company. The significant underlying principle is to ensure that the addressed staff members do not only have access to knowledge information and management strategies, but also ensure that they are beneficial, in appropriate situations.

In accordance With the vision of the organization, that is, the expansion of the markets. and the growth of its producers and consumer base, the staff members of the marketing department Will play a significant role, in ensuring the implementation of the policy through taking of appropriate steps that aim at expanding the company in all levels. The realization of the policy will be facilitated using technology infrastructures such as corporate yellow pages. Blog sites also play a significant role, in ensuring the company realizes expansion through knowledge management. Knowledge managers will have the responsibility of ensuring that the knowledge sources in the organization are available, whenever required by the employees of the organization. The use of knowledge management in the marketing strategy of the organization is an effective approach to ensuring the expansion of the company. This is so because the strategy involves an integration of the organizational culture and business management Without impairing the organizational goals and objectives.

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