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The following sample essay on “The Untouchables Of Richard Price” is an overview of the work of the American novelist and screenwriter.

In ever-changing situations confronted with new challenges – we accompany them in this extraordinary crime a crew of New York police through their night operations. For breath is neither the cops nor the reader time. The police deal with their remarkable job chronically understaffed, under constant time pressure and complex requirements. You must be upheld and applied understanding controls occur, keep emotions under control, strictly comply with all legal requirements, perpetrators and victims alike.

The novel starts at the St. Patrick’s Day. Like every night are summarized several areas of Manhattan and been thrown together a team of five officials. These are not only too few, but they are not all equally reliable. Therefore, a few volunteers usually take from the day shift who support them.

The conductor is Billy Graves, 42. He hates to meet again on a new colorful assortment of temporary staff, especially that night that he fears as one of the worst of the year.

In the early morning hours they are tired and no longer be usable. Himself – although “compact as a football player,” but with “glassy eyes from exhaustion” – is no longer the hard daredevil type as before. He just hopes that his team will be spared in the night chaos of Manhattan of anger that only “small crap” accumulates, can rüberschieben which one of the patrol.

But the reality is different. “C’est la guerre.

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” Author Richard Price chasing his protagonist, his team and our readers breathless through the nights. It is reminiscent of good reports, as he lined up against each other episodes in which crime unterschiedlichster kind have occurred, as he describes the crime scenes, recording the tracks and the first interrogations logged holds tumultuous scenes. As a father has dropped a four-month-old baby, there was a stabbing, a transsexual was strangled, stole a 100kg tuna from the kitchen of a sushi restaurants, and a lawyer, naked, bound and suffocated in his bed found, one has with scissors, the word “SHAME” carved in the back.

Billy takes his job seriously. He works his physical and mental capacity at the edge. If he ends the night shift (which is usually until late in the morning drags) leached arrives home, he longs for restful sleep. But as it awaits the family. His wife Carmen (38) does not rub in her job as a nurse at less than him. Both combat and argumentative sons Carlos (6) and Declan (8) require normally “in camouflage gear” dressed, for attention, and father Billy Senior (78), an ex-cop who needs his dementia special care.

Billy’s use in the night shift is a kind of disciplinary transfer, a banishment to the underworld. When he shot and killed a criminal wanted years ago, the ball bounced off and injured a ten-year-old heavy. Although Billy was drugged at the time, it could be proven not to blame. He had friends who protected him. The “Wild Geese”

mid-nineties was a committed group of seven highly dedicated young cops. Your workplace was one of the worst areas in the East Bronx. There, the “Wild Geese” relied on idiosyncratic way through and procured himself an excellent reputation. The pursuit of criminals they took as a sports game, a heady hunt through milieu. Who was willing to play along, was part of the “family” and enjoyed protection. the operators of bars, barber shops, takeaways, secret gambling dens, the hosts, potheads and prostitutes – – so the people in the neighborhood were all teammates and retaliated in their own way: “fallen off the truck goods … a drink here, a quickie in are there “. For their achievements the “WGs” were decorated with the “golden Detective Badge” and assigned conveyed to colleagues elsewhere over, scattered later all districts and other units “in the fast lane”.

There they received dealing with criminals completely different caliber – unscrupulous perpetrators, shameless crime. They were the cops known by name, without that they could officially prove them their deeds. They remained the “untouchables”. The “WGs” persecuted and watched over many service years until retirement from the police force, to this day.

Twenty years later only one of the “WGs” in active service. Billy Graves, the youngest. But the “anti-crime” partners still maintain close contact, meet regularly who know (most problematic) Family relationships of the other and their respective “untouchables” who are as personal demons (Engl. “Whites”) in their lives have set. They have promised each other never to lose sight of these criminals, but to chase, eventually arrest and is done.

Now, on St. Patrick’s Day a corpse in Penn Station. The man must, as he waited for a train, have been seriously injured with a knife and then ran away bleeding, until he collapsed. Billy knows the victim Jeffrey Bannion is the “untouchables” of his ex-partner John Pavlicek. Should it have about hunted down? Billy rejects the idea, although he himself feels under pressure to feel the pulse in to finally complete his “untouchables”.

While Billy quarrels, how to consider John Pavlicek in his educational work, puts his family a stalker. Milton Ramos observed her house, Carmen’s emergency practice and Declan’s school, and Carlos’ favorite jacket he leaves a blood-red hand print.

We are experiencing Billy Graves in a permanent internal struggle and increasingly, finally unbearable pressure. to meet the difficult educate the murders of loyalty conflict with his partners, who fear for his family, his ambition, his duty to stick to his principles, his last ideals, its morality – all that makes him come up against the limit of what he considers feasible and almost despair.

Not every day is also the language. Miriam Mandelkow has transferred the original style in its successful translation. In brief, the sentences, the structure of dry the tone of the dialogues, like assembly of many small episodes with hard cuts without lines and references. The mood varies quite. Macabre and mischievous in the scenes in friend Redman Brown’s Funeral Home, delicate and sensitive in the conjugal scenes when Billy and Carmen argue and reconcile. In the end, everything is right: it was “a quite passable happy ending “.

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