The Unstoppable Love of Abelard and Heloise

Similar to Romeo and Juliet, there was Abelard and Heloise. There was nothing that could break up either couple, except for death. Abelard and Heloise’s zealous, disapproved relationship inspires many people still to this day. They were so violently in love right when they met, They did not want to listen to the pressures of their culture, and societies disapproval of their love. Abelard was a French philosopher. His father was a knight and wanted his sons to be educated before learning how to fight, Abelard valued education a great amount, that he threw away becoming a knight completely to become more involved in his education.

Heloise was the greatly educated niece of Canon Fulbert, Whom ended up introducing Abelard to Heloise, intentionally for educational purposes only. Her uncle saw Abelard’s high intelligence, and felt she needed to be taught by him. Some pressures Abelard and Heloise’s relationship went through were through their high medieval family structures, education, and the people’s attitude towards sexuality in this time period, Their love underwent various tests, which were the pressures they faced from society, and culturally.

The social pressures they faced were their teacher-student relationship, their premarital pregnancy, and Heloise rejecting Abelard‘s rejection as a woman of medieval times. During this time period, it was not then, nor presently acceptable to be involved intimately in a teacher’student relationship. Women during this time were known to be inferior to men, and obeyed the rules and wishes of men. Abelard would be in a tremendous amount of trouble if their relationship were to go public.

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Along with their unapproved relationship alone, they also had a baby before they got married. This was not in any way acceptable of society. Also, Once Abelard did propose to Heloise she rejected the offer, which I admire very much so from her, Although they shared this great, intense love, She did not want to be just a wife.

She actually offered to be his mistress over his wife as a counteroffer to his proposal, She is a woman of great intelligence, and logic, and she used her mind to make that significant decision. Not being married to the father of her child though, would put her at great risk for society to isolate, andjudge her. I admire her for these decisions as a woman,,Along with pressures from society, there were pressures prohibiting them to advance their love through their culture as well. Heloise’s uncle did not approve of this love affair; therefore as a gentleman, Abelard should have respected his wishes and abandon Heloise. Not many, or any man at all during this time period would put his own judgments above the tradition to give respect to those of seniority. He demonstrates himself breaking this cultural tradition not just disobeying Heloise’s uncle, but also his teacher, but his master William Champeaux.

He became enemies quickly with this teacher due to Abelard’s constant debating. Abelard and Heloise went through tremendous pressures placed on them through cultural traditions, as well as societies expectations. Abelard was known as the most brilliant thinker of this time. This title given to him because of how much he and his family valued education. Abelard was the first born into a well»off family, near a town called Palatium. He was educated and loved learning. Abelard valued education over all. His father was a knight, and not well educated. He put to effect that his children were going to be educated before they would learn how to fight, Education is crucial in all aspects of life, every time period, everyone deserves a great education. This is inspiring to me that at this time a man would value such education for his children, especially when he did not receive one. Abelard loved becoming more knowledgeable so much that he abandoned all aspects of knighthood, to go further in his education.

He was passionate about philosophy, and he loved debating his opinions with logical reasoning. He then furthered his education in Paris with William Champeaux. Abelard and his master became philosophical opponents of one another. They debated opinions, and logic to the point where Abelard gained an enemy out of Champeaux, While Abelard was in Paris, he met the beautiful, intelligent Heloise. Her uncle Fulbert reached out to Abelard inquiring for a tutor for his niece, Fulbert introduced to two for educational purposes only, but he unintentionally introduced these two lovers, which sparked their immediate lover Abelard and Heloise contradicted many medieval times traditions They both valued education, and Heloise viewed herself as a woman and a life rather than property of Abelard, What is admirable about these letters, and thoughts of Abelard and Heloise is that Abelard, being the man, was not the only educated one in the relationship.

Heloise was well educated as well, making their love stronger than most marriages in the middle ages. Abelard held great pride over his knowledge, and love for philosophy. High medieval family structures were based off of marriage, church, and education. During this era, people usually married others from their own villages. Throughout this time marriage was not about love, it was usually about money, Women were considered property to their husband, and the women became housewives. This is contrary of what Heloise imagined for herselft It was also rare to find a woman such as Heloise, as educated as she was. Religion was an extremely important tradition. During this time, it was rare for a woman to have an education at allt Heloise did not want to be a prisoner in her own marriage, She was intelligent enough, and thought more logically to be drawn into this tradition. The education system was even persuaded by the Church, Women did not stand a chance in the Middle Ages education system. Unless upper class women had jobs that required literacy, then they were never encouraged, and actually were discouraged to receive any sort of education.

This is a main reason Heloise did not let society, or cultural traditions stand in the way of her passion towards Abelard, She thought too logically to be suppressed by others thoughts. The couple together experienced various tests, which society, and cultural traditions placed an immense amount of pressures on both Abelard and Heloise. Abelard was an amazing philosopher, and both him and Heloise were well educated They both valued their education, and their love for each other over riches. Abelard and Heloise challenged traditions of the middle ages Heloise valued her life, and was a strong, courageous woman. She did not want to be a piece of property, She is a woman with a mind, and a being. High medieval family structures were mainly built on marriage, church, and education. During this era, people usually married others from their own villages. Abelard and Heloise went through extreme pressures for their love. Which were given through cultural traditions, as well as societies policies as well. These pressures were through their high medieval family structures, education, and the attitude towards sexuality during this era.

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