The truth and other lies by Sascha Arango Review

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Henry’s left sock has turned his fate. When he was thirty-six, he was a perspective loose nothing with a big, dark hole in his past. Eight years later, he is famous, popular and well off.

Looking for the missing piece of clothing in a strange room under the bed of a foreign woman whose name he barely remembers Henry Hayden discovered a manuscript. Although “wrapped in wax paper” inconspicuous, the stack can it “from the darkness of the general to the particular light” catapult.

At that moment, of course, Henry can not foresee once that the novel “Frank Ellis”, which is there in front of his eyes, the world will find tens of millions of buyers and five successor and that never a word has written, make him a star author would , all over the world showered with awards and accolades.

the way there is a wonderful, perfect symbiosis of give and take. Henry, previously a rootless, aimless and ruthless marauders, suspects that may arise from Martha’s talent good, and settled down with her.

Writing it operates like an addiction. As soon as they finished a manuscript, it is history for them disappear in the basement, not look at is more appreciated, because already it has begun a new. To deal with the vile everyday Henry cares. When Martha night after night in the keys to their small typewriter skin to breathe illustrious in their “hermetic world of experience” characters to life and bring fascinating happenings on paper, Henry welcomes you in the morning with freshly fried fried eggs.

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While she will rest during the day, he buys and dressing, tinkering, repairs and maintains the modest household in order. He also reads the newly created pages. “So their love grew silent for granted” until the inconspicuous Martha and shrewd Henry, who was originally not even necessarily know, close the marriage.

At the beginning of their unexpected success story was Henry’s promise to Martha, the true author of the novel never give, because she shuns publicity, and the literary world is their abomination. Then he sent the manuscript to his name in four publishers. Claus Moreany was thrilled – he realized “something really Wonderful” – and resorted to. The onset wildfire windfall from around the world delighted not only the alleged author, but

also saved the publisher Moreany at the last second before the bankruptcy. The life of a successful writer will cost Henry the fullest out. In the dark blue Maserati he roars readings and book fairs. If the brilliant author with the shy understatement shines in the spotlight, it adore all women, and the columnists honor him. “Each set a fortress”, this statement a known literary critic like Henry very well. “As nice as short and concise”, the sentence could have been him. “But he was not. There was nothing about him.” Martha brings everything out, frugal, happy, introverted, unfathomable. Without comment, they can be switched and exercise it. So Henry and Martha enjoy a luxurious existence on their spacious property with barn and its own chapel – unfortunately only offspring remains off

However, Henry has several pages, of which his creative wife knows nothing.. When he was looking at the time to market> be

Now we have the mess. Betty sits swollen from crying in the car, because on the ultrasound image in their hands is an embryo to detect. The “Lurch” would grow into a person with rights, claims and questions. Henry ashamed a little. How is he, Martha confess what happened there? In short, he plays through his options: Remorseful suicide? – a “Dichtertod” would make him immortal. Martha leave and give up his life in the lap of luxury for Betty? Not an attractive idea. A tragic accident that everything Annoying forever aside grants? Henry arranges a meeting at the cliffs. Unfortunately, not everything works as planned, it makes a silly beginner’s mistake, triggering a fatal chain reaction …

Sascha Arango’s first novel, “The truth and other lies” is held in cool tones crime, more nutty than exciting more smile than shudder, more absurd and grotesque than realistic. The literary scene is just a backdrop, not the subject. The turbulent plot captivates us with magnetic attraction, abstruse situations and unexpected twists keep us on the go. Most of the characters wear quirky features, starting with the protagonist, a blender and impostor, a criminal and selfish Ekelpaket, which is “the sporadic good … nothing more than a brief interruption of evil” and yet fascinated strange way – his fictitious fellow citizens as well as our readers.

Henry is not a perfectionist, but a skilled Lavierer who keep quiet and wait can to dissolve disturbing facts or dangerous illusions in the air and let him free rein. What broadcasted the truth when one but no one believes? Sometimes it is better to remain silent and to put forward is that many such controls by themselves – most likely for good than for bad. In fact, their physical state can swap in Henry’s life with this tactic lies and truths, depending on what you ask him what he says, what it heard his opponent or would rather ignore.

Henry creator Sascha Arango, 1957 born in Berlin, screenwriter and multiple Grimme award winner is. Five of the ARD crime scenes with the Kiel Commissioner Borowski derived from its spring. What his hero happens, Arango like punches in pretty sentences which contain as much truth as proverbs: “Life gives you everything, but never all at once.” – “Blessed is he who leaves nothing to fear he has no judgment.” – “Every lie (to) a quantum of truth contained A splash of truth is often enough, but it must be as the olive in the martini..”

In the end, Henry Hayden traces unfortunately blur again. According to the logic of the previous highly entertaining three hundred pages, this means that he should be back soon. Or not.

This book I have on the list Zu my 20 Lieblingsbüchern”

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