The True Meaning Of Optimism

Well I was just minding my own bussiness one day and I was waiting in a line and I saw a mother she had 2 sons one yonger and one about 6 or 7. The older had a packet of glowsticks in his hand the younger just crying to get even one glowstick so the mother rippd open the packet and gave one glowstick to the younger one. The crying had stoped the little child was just waving around the none lit glowstick smiling and cheering, it actually made me smile.

When I was walking out of the store. . The older broter had snatched the glowstick out of the little ones hand. The little one was BALLING his eyes out. But then the older one cracked for him, he cried thinking it was broken but when he realized it started glowing his eyes lit up and stopped crying, I just wanted to smile because it taught me something, optimism is reality there is no line between them, we have been lying to our selfs our whole lives just waving ourselves around boringly as a joke once we light up we smile we get true happiness we always think we are broken;, a quote from norman cousins says death is not the greatest loss in life the greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live.

As we grow older we forget the true meaning of optimism ‘hope’ im hopeful everyday, right? Bad things still happen to me.

You see all these breaking points make us, remember what is most important its not facing whatever goes wrong; its not being without fear its having the determination to go in spite of it.

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Its not where you stand but the direction your going in, its more than never having bad moments; its knowing you are always bigger than the moment; its believing you have already been given everything you need to handle in life its not about getting rid of all its injustices but rise above them and believe there is more good then bad vicke m worsham, an optimist isnt hopeful everyday; an optimist see’s an oppurtunity in every problem because its easy to look on the bright side of things when everything is going well, but when its a dark and stormy night optimism wont leave you like a shadow, it is always next to us we decide if we want to take it; the power is in our own hands, we can have the right solution to grow or filling it with water and tears.

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