Factors Affecting Monopoly Domination Failure

Many things lead to my failure of monopoly domination. The three most impactful where, spending the money I had wisely, investing in future money making potential and overall luck. At first I spent my money on low cost property’s so that I could get potential Income in the future, however since these were low cost, so was the rent for the other players who landed on them. This was my first problem My second was a lack of investments into the properties I owned.

I didn’t buy many houses to put on my property‘s to increase player rent. I could have and they were fairly small investments, but i didn’t because i wanted more expensive property. The biggest reason I went bankrupt was because of rotten luck. I didn’t just land on expensive property once, not twice but 3 times costing me a whopping $2350 Just like in real life, someone must have it bad for someone to have it good.

The three things I learned from my traumatic monopoly experience where  In order to make money, you must spend money, Investments are a risk, sometimes they pay off, other times they don’t, 3. Leaning will bite you in the but later if left unattended. At the start of the game I was very conservative with my money. I spent very little and thus, in the late game, received very little. This also affected my investments via adding houses. I saw them as more of a risk than they were.

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I should have experimented and taken some risks. Not enough to sink me, but enough to keep me afloat. Lastly, I shouldn’t have left debt to the the bank climb. When it came time to pay up, I had nothing, I was bankrupt. Overall i’d say that managing money is fairly tricky, especially when you don’t have a steady income. it’s okay to take risks as long as you can you can afford them to go bad.

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