The Three Metal Brothers: Gold, Silver and Copper

Once upon an olden time. there were three metal brothers: Gold, Silver and Copper. They are from IB family of the Transition elements. They were happy With their life and friendship, but once they had an argument, who is the best metal. They went to a court and start to prove to a Periodic Table who is the best and most important. Silver said: I am the best, because my melting point lower than Coppers and Golds, I have been discovered in the ancient time and can be used in the photography.

Then Gold starts to talk: No, I am the best and important metal, because I am good looking guy and i am very expensive. In addition, my number of proton and electrons is higher than my brothers have. Next was Copper turn. but he was very shy and he just said: And I am, I am the most. He became silent, Of course, Gold was a Winner, and Copper was a worse metal.

Everybody was laughing on Copper and even on Silver, and brothers competition has been continuing for along time. After a while, Copper gets married on a smart and beautiful Copperrwoman. Still remember that Last Judgement, he decided to tell about it to her wife.

Wife heart a story, she became very angry and start to scold him: How could you said so injustice thing, how? He became silent on couple of minute and said: I did have say anything, because, because I am the worse metal in whole world.

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That is not true, and you know it! she said. On the next morning she took him to the court and said to Periodic Table: You was wrong when you said that Copper is the worse metal, because he is one of man’s most important metals. May be he is not so nice as Gold and Silver, because he is reddish colored, but he takes on a bright metallic luster, and he is malleable, ductile and a good conductor of heat and electricity. Copper occasionally occur native, and is found in many minerals such as cupric, malachite, azurite, chalcopyrite, and bronite. The most important Copper ores are the sulfides, the oxides, and carbonates. From these, Copper is obtained by smelting, leaching, and by electrolysis, He alloys brass and bronze, long used, are still Very important; All-American coins are now Copper alloys; Monel and gun metals also contain Coppert The electrical industry is one of the greatest users of Copper.

The most important compounds are the oxide and the sulfate, blue Vitriol; the latter has wide use as an agricultural poison and as an algaecide in water purification. Copper compounds such as Fehling’s solution are widely used in analytical chemistry in tests for sugar. Finally. the discovery of Copper dates is from prehistoric times, it means he has been using for a long time. He has been mine for more than 5,000 years. His melting point is 1038C. so he can stay on a sun more than Gold and Silver. His atomic mass is 63.54amu, and he is lighter than his brothers are, so he can be used anywhere. Periodic Table had think a lot, and finally he said: You guys making just problems, because all of you are important, and I do not think you need to be enemy anymore. I have think a lot and know that all of you are the best, but the most usable metal is a copper!

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