The Three Main Goals

Throughout out this course, my three main goals are to finish with an A, get comfortable with discussions and engaging with other students, and decide whether a future as a hospitality major is a possibility for myself. Although finishing the semester with a 95 percent and above will get me exempted from the final exam; nevertheless, I want to earn that 95 percent as a proof of my hard work for this class since I paid a good fortune for it. Also, being in the hospitality business means that I will need to have exemplary communication skills.

I would like to use this class as an opportunity to get more comfortable engaging during discussions since I know that a lot of my future classes will require it as mandatory. Lastly, since this is an introduction course to the world of hospitality, I would like to know if this is a major that I could see myself working in the future.

Currently, my career goals consist of obtaining my bachelor’s degree in hospitality management with a focus on events and conventions and becoming an event coordinator for concerts and music festivals.

My dream job would be to work at places like the T-Mobile Arena or the upcoming Las Vegas Stadium, and for the Life is Beautiful Festival.

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For the past three years, I have had the pleasure of volunteering during the Life is Beautiful Festival and have gained interest in the event planning industry. With this goal in mind, I plan to pursue it by trying to get an internship with Wendoh Media, the company that owns Life is Beautiful Festival. I was always in awe of how much time, effort, and detail went on to the three-day music festival and realized that I wanted to become a part of the process.

I plan to learn about the six boxes of hospitality and understand what it takes to be successful in the business of hospitality from this course. Hotel, resort, restaurant, food and beverage, casino, and event are the six branches of the hospitality business. Learning about each branch and their functions would be beneficial to gain a better understanding of what being in the hospitality business is all about. Additionally, I want to learn from the professor’s personal experience in the industry and how he was able to have a successful career in hospitality.

As a freshman hospitality major, I plan to use every bit of information I can gain from this course and apply it to my future career. I intend to use my knowledge of the six hospitality boxes as a guide to help me decide which career path I should head towards to in the future. Since I am still not sure about pursuing a career in the event business, I hope to get it narrowed down to a few options. From the professor, I want to learn valuable life lessons and information about how to thrive in the business. Gaining insight from someone that has a long history working in the industry would be helpful for someone like me with no experience at all. Once it’s my time to step out into the world of hospitality, hopefully, I can say that I learned something from this class, even if it’s about how to get something from the bar in the hotel you’re are staying in without having to pay a dime.

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