The Susan effect by Peter Hoeg Review

The Svendsens are a phenomenal family. Each of the four “extreme individualists” accomplishes Big hitters. Therefore has “Time Magazine” them recently included a feature portrait on the front page dedicated ( “The Great Danish Family”). Susan Svendsen, 43, has a doctorate in experimental physicist, her husband Laban, 45, a concert pianist, and the fair-haired twins Thit and Harald, 16, shine on the violin. But you can also quite ride into mess if they even give free rein to. This happened Travel India during her. Susan was accused of “attempted manslaughter with bare hands” and imprisoned.

Laban, adore the all women, has settled with the seventeen-year-old daughter of a maharajah to Goa, followed by a convoy of “gathered south Indian mafia”.

Thit is also blown, with “a priest of Kalitempels in Calcutta,” while son Harald was caught in the border town Amoeda in Antiques smuggling to Nepal. Every ordinary citizen would have to with such accusations in the neck to an uncertain future set many years of dark imprisonment.

But what government would let the entire flagship family hanging out in such a situation in their country? No wonder, then, is that none other than the Secretary of State in the Danish Ministry of Justice personally the matter assumes: Thorkild Hegn visited Susan in her fifteen-square-meter cell that she, as well as “Turkish toilet”, water and rice, with thirty other women shares.

This is the state of affairs after a handful of pages by Peter Högs crime novel “effects af Susan” (Peter Urban-Hall has translated it).

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A truly illustrious family, a muddled initial situation, a dubious history – that promises excitement and oddities. But far from it: we learn about the background of the misdeeds and the motives of the exclusive VIP family on remaining almost four hundred pages to nothing. Instead, takes us by “Smilla’s Sense of Snow” (1992) became famous author in a very different reading trip.

Somehow accomplished Thorkild Hegn the miracle that the Indian Justice dismisses the Svendsens from their claws , On this happy outcome Susan had never doubted. Just wondered what might motivate the Secretary of State to his application. Hardly back home, she finds the answer. “A very small favor” expects Hegn in return. For this he handed her a few records of Margrethe Spliid, since the seventies senior international military adviser, and two tasks, minimalistic taken in block letters: “ Last Two protocols Future Commission of the Folketing Roster Commission

This begins the rather overwrought thriller plot that, scientifically tinged located in the exclusive environment of Nobel Prize winners, unfolds think tank luminaries and leaders. Here the protagonist and can narrator Susan easy to get involved, because it has many qualities: a sharp thinking skills, intellectual curiosity, a keen social awareness and broad education, assertiveness, plus she enjoys her feminine sex appeal. Defeats they suffered at most home baking, but has not let it get even there. Twenty five years ago she entered the marriage with Laban, a relationship that “prefer to keep all eternity” should be like their house, built of durable materials. to manage their complex family life is like the meditative study of the paradoxes of eastern mystery to Susan -. a permanent challenge, however,

Susan’s most interesting is the gift that it is able to elicit people things that they had never given up others. This “Susan effect” will now use the Danish secret service to obtain information about an obscure “Future Commission”. Susan will make the members locate and interview. So she gets into an exciting process that unintentionally cruel to fatal side effects zeitigt. A sadistic killer follows Susan track, strangled one respondent Commissioner, another spin in the washing machine, and there is no lack much that an excavator the family Volvo is ironing the Svendsens including the occupants …

The origins for Susan’s order date back to the early seventies. At that time, a small group of initially six people joined unterschiedlichster professional orientation (surveyor, painter, priest …) together. Their meetings were secret, the members of “anonymous”. You should think about how the world would develop in the future, and stand with their knowledge of government advice. Amazingly, they prophesied, as it turned out over the years, not only global events, but even their time entry with a slight deviation of a few weeks. An atomic meltdown, climate change, pollution, famine, wars, end of the world – what government wanted to be unprepared

“The Susan effect” plays in 2016. A little surreal, fiction science a little? , covered now and then to the hair scuffling, well seasoned with dry humor, plus a dose of cynicism, linguistically sound to high standard, this novel entertainment, an ironic game offers with our fear of the future, which we should not subject ourselves. Given the “apocalyptic scenarios” to which we are heading almost unabated (according to his thriller plot), it could be a while anxious and fearful. Good thing the world savior Susan along with their equally exceptional family members on the spot and the worst to prevent white. It is not unsympathetic person, but we can not get near it – lifted and exalted as they are themselves and their circles, we remain Svendsens similar foreign like the fictional character James Bond


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