The Sunrise

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It seemed like the wrong time of the day to be outside. The humidity in the southern air weighed on my skin as I entered the flower bed. As my eyes grew accustomed to the dim lighting, I set the flower vase on the cinder blocks that enclosed the garden. My heart along with my hands felt saturated by the humidity. But not even the humidity could dare to divert my focus; my attention was devoted to the bubblegum-colored Roses, the ivory-colored Lilies, and the bumblebee-colored Dahlias.

The abundance of flowers in the garden made my endeavor seem daunting. I mean what was the point in examining every flower and merely selecting the most magnificent place within yet another arrangement that would inevitably end up in some obscure location in my home? Honestly, I genuinely don’t know.

There in the garden, the silence hung in the air like a blanket spread over a perfectly made bed. One by one the vase filled with the delicate but stunning flowers and as I placed the last rose in the vase, I caught a glimpse at the watermelon and lavender-painted sunrise.

The display was breathtaking. This was not the first time I rose before sunrise to work in the garden.

Time seemed to be suspended as I tried absorbing the elegance of the spectacle above me. My lungs filled with moist air while the sound of silence prevailed. It was as if nature was revealing to me the essence of life itself. It wasn’t the experience of seeing the sunrise that made this significant to me but the intuitive, emotional clarity that it caused.

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My thoughts in the garden that morning were the same that compelled to B the following year. The band was like one of my flowers. I played the clarinet for 6 years but somewhere in the shuffle between early morning auditions and countless hours of practice, I had stopped having fun. It wasn’t unmy til Sophomore year that I had gained the perspective and courage necessary to ad it to myself that I no longer enjoyed Band. For me, Sophomore year was the year that caused me to take a hard look at my perspective and priorities in life. The strenuous course load weighed on my developing brain like ton of bricks and forced me to my perceived mental and emotional limits. When I made it through the end of that year, my feelings mirrored those of seeing the sunrise that morning.

Staring at the marvelous display of light that morning, I recognized what I had to do. Although I could not drop band out of my schedule until Senior year, I was free. Rejecting what was familiar, I decided to pursue my interest in tennis. Ignoring my skepticism and trepidation, I began playing competitivity.

Currently, at 18, I still go out before sunrise to collect flowers but gathering flowers are not my only intent. Between the organized chaos that is my life, I use that sacred time in the mornings to slow down all the thoughts that continuously race through my mind. I take this time every day to examine the choices that affect my life to ensure I’m staying true to myself and not just the path I’ve created for myself.

By following my passions for veterinary medicine and psychology, I feel myself moving in a direction that feels right for me. Although I intend to become a Veterinary Surgeon, I cannot precisely say that is where I will end up because as I grow, my interests will change. Flowers lay scattered along the path that is my life, my task is to choose which ones to pick. Seeing the sunrise that morning reminded me of the bigger picture of life. I am constantly evolving, and my arrangements of flowers will always be developing.

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