The Successes and Struggles of India since Its Independence

When the clock striked 12 on the 15th of August 1947, India became an independent nation. The air must have surely smelled different, away from the chains of the British who ruled us. On that day as many celebrated the independence of the country, a question most certainly must have hung over their head,” now what”. Today 73 years into the future, we can surely account for at least a million changes that has occurred over the course of time. In the world of sports recently India has sent their own Olympic team comprising of 127 athletes to compete in the Tokyo Olympics.

It has been rightly said in the Atharvaveda,” Duty is my right hand and the fruits of my victory is in my left”, and our athletes sure swear by this mantra and while reciting the Olympic oath “for the honour of my country and for the glory of sport”. Sports in India has been an uplifting event throughout time and surely when people want to relax, what is a better site than the site of our country performing tremendously well.

A few events that are listed are some of the most important milestones of Indian Sports are:1st Asian games (1951), world cup hockey Malaysia (1975),

IX Asian games new Delhi (1982), world cup cricket (1983) and many more. Our country’s economy also speaks volumes for us, form $30.6 billion in 1950 to $2.54 trillion in 2017 shows the positive outgrowth of our citizens. From importing basic grains, milk and other day to day essentials to becoming the top exporter of diamonds, jewellery, rice and nonretail pure cotton yarn we have made are presence known.

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Our province though still an agriculture dependent nation has flourished its secondary and tertiary sectors too. Our primary sector contributes to 16% of the total GDP, secondary sector donates around 31% and the remaining 53% is given by the tertiary sector. India’s film and entertainment industry also adds to the wonderful site of our achievements. India’s own Bollywood or the Hindi film industry is the largest film industry in the world.

In the world of higher education and white-collar jobs, we have set are benchmark so high that outsiders could call it practically impossible to crack. JEE or joint entrance test is the required exam to give to study in the top universities in the country like IIT, NITK, etc which also are internationally proclaimed to be the best is regarded to be one the toughest exams to crack worldwide. Despite this today India produces the world’s largest number of engineers. Millions of Indians every year go and work in united states of America in reputed companies like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, etc. We as a nation face constant threats from are neighbouring countries of war, but still we can rest at ease and this is possible due are top of the class armed forces. Today India has the third largest military in the world and our military ranks fourth strongest in the world. India is also the second largest troop contributor to UN peacekeeping to maintain peace in the world. In standings of space and technology, India has one world’s top five space programmes. Our country’s own ISRO was the first to launch a satellite that orbit’s Mars ‘Mangalyaan’ that to in their very first attempt. ISRO’s own chandrayaan-1 was the first to discover the presence the water on the moon, thus confirming the hypothesis that moon was once part of the Earth. Currently, India’s literacy rate stands at a whopping 74.04%. India has by far the largest English speaking population in the world, this can be directly linked to growing presence of India as a country with its citizen’s abundant educational capacity taking over the world. We also spend the most time reading than the rest the of the world. Along with the amazing achievements India has also been described as a slice of heaven by many. Because of popular interest worldwide tourism in India has become a $240 billion industry and provides employment to about 42.673 million jobs. We support multiple ways of tourisms like cultural tourism, medical tourism, dental tourism, etc. In fact, in mid-2020 the still flourished medical tourism industry was estimated to be worth about $5-$6 million. Agriculture in India mainly grows coffee, cocoa, soybeans, sugarcane, bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, coconuts, and vegetables. India is world’s largest exporter of spice and a majority of this grows in the south. We are the second highest producer of wheat, sugarcane, tea, onions, potatoes, garlic, rice, cement and silk but leading in cotton, milk, mangoes, millets, jute, ginger, bananas, castor oil seeds, sunflower oil seeds and papaya. But along with the glitz and glamour of our achievements with a low head and a silent voice we say that our country is not the best. As businesses flourish, there are also the poor and middle classes suffering. Even though India has quite a strong public healthcare system, her children still die of various other diseases like T.B, malaria, dengue and many more. Her daughters still have to be careful while walking on open streets in broad daylight, she still has to weep about the heinous atrocities her people commit in the name of man-made divisions like caste, creed and religion. She still has to watch most of her kids breathe air unfit for any living organism, eat food casted out even by animals and live in places that incompetent of the very fabric of a human being. This is the Bharat after independence, its nothing but a coin with two faces. Its first face makes you wish to skip heartbeats, wear a smile and to be proud of living in such an educated, glamorous and proud country and its second face makes you wish to leave and never come back, it disgusts us to even call this place home. Maybe that’s why countless Indians have left the country and never turned back twice? This 74th independence day lets pledge to make India a country free of all political, religious and sentimental evils and let’s turn it into a country we all love and are proud of, lets join forces and make the dream of living in a perfect utopian country a reality for us Indians. JAI HIND!!

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