The Success of a Pilot Program in the American Health Insurance Plan

A pilot program is a feasibility study that is conducted in the short run to help a firm or an organization to predict how a new program might work when it is fully operational in the organization. Pilot programs help companies to test the logistics of operations and deficiencies that might arise before the full-scale implementation of a project. Healthcare systems are prone to many errors and flaws in their operation; this has resulted to the invention of various pilot programs which are structured to address problems such as inaccurate directories and poor management of information.

The American health insurance plan developed a pilot program to ensure that physician directories are more accurate and timely. The program facilitates a new system where all the records of the doctors and their operations are centralized.

A doctor can update their records, area of practice, change of location or expertise from anywhere, but the information is stored in one centralized point. Physicians and consumers will now seek information from one central site rather than locating it from multiple health plans.

The success rate of this program is high because of the incorporation of technology-friendly applications which advertise the services and products offered by the healthcare organizations.

Adoption of technology in the advertisement of health services and the centralization of information will uphold the credibility and timeliness of directories; this will build trust among the consumers and propel the program to Success. Centralization of the physician directories will salvage resources used to create new directories which have proved to be inefficient.

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The success of the plan is pegged on the collaboration of two directory vendors. The effectiveness of these two vendors will be based on the degree of reciprocity, clarification of the roles of each partner and the clarity of the greater mission of the pilot program. The key elements highlighted above have been the fundamental pillars anchoring the success of this pilot program currently operational in Indiana, California, and Florida.

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