The Story Takes Place In Alaska

There is a thing called an Iditarod race. It happens in Alaska. The capital of Alaska is Juneau the race begins in Anchorage, Alaska, and ends in Nome, Alaska. From Wellsville to Anchorage it is 3,534.0 miles Alaska is a special state because it holds an Iditarod race every year on March 3 the first Iditarod race was in 1973. In the race, there are people called mushers. A musher is a sled dog driver. To enter an Iditarod race it cost 00 per musher.

It cost a lot sled dogs cost a lot of money, even just one dog.

The musher I thought was cool her name is Zoya DeNure. She is from Wisconsin. Before she was a musher she was in the fashion business. She was a model. She is 41 years old. Her hobbies are marathons, fishing, yoga, travel, ministry studies, and working. She has a husband and two daughters. Her husband is a dog racer as well. Her first daughter’s name is Jona Jona is nine.

Her second daughter is Oliva is four. The family created a rescue rehab dog center. She splits her time between two homes. One in Maclaren River the other home is in Delta Junction. Her longest distance was 119 miles.

A sled dog team has 12-16 dogs. There are 4 jobs on a sled dog team. The first job is the lead. They set the pace and keep other dogs on the trail. Next is the swing. They help steer the team around corners. The next job is the wheel.

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They are the two dogs closest to the sled. The next job is the team. They pull the team and maintain speed. The most important job of the race is the team because they control the speed. The sled dog I chose, his name is Ethan. He is a Siberian husky. He was Zoya’s first sled dog. He just passed away. He passed away in August. Did you know 153 sled dogs pass away every race?

The duties of a musher. The first duty as a musher is to look after its pack. The second duty as a musher is to make sure the dogs are properly cared for. The third duty Is they have to put fleece boots on the dogs. Next, they have to scoop poop. They also have to slop food. They snag loose sled dogs. Lastly, they train the dogs. A cool fact I learned was that sled dogs prefer cold, snowy days. The travel cost for a racer and sled dog is $1,500.

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