The Solution to Eliminate Racism in the American Justice System

Over the years, racism and ethnicity has become incurable diseases in the United States of America. While the term justice refers to fairness or equity in the legal practice, this is not the case in the U.

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S legal system. A survey conducted by the Harvard University says that, half of millennials strongly believe that that the US justice system is corrupted and unfair. Recent figures show that 66% of black millenials and 43% of white millenials have little or no confidence in its government judicial system.

53% of Hispanic millenials take the same stand against the same prejudice.

These aspects has continued to paralyze efforts to protest about the killings of black men rendering them insignificant even after the death of a 25-year old man from Baltimore who succumbed to his spinal cord injury under the police custody. (Mail Online, 2015) This figure continues to rise daily as more killings of black men continue to torment many as especially in the cities of Missouri and New York City.

This has given birth to movements fighting for equality and fairness in the court system of the United States. Some victims of sexual assault by the police officers have strongly rebuked the system for failure of taking action and defend their rights. Adding salt to injury, court cases have been claimed to be unfair and biased on the basis of race and ethnicity. Various sources indicate that many convicted inmates are blacks and the minor race even on the minor domestic offences which makes the public raise eye brows on the confidence of practices in the U.S judicial system.

Balance in the number of black and white judges in the US judicial system is crucial to solving this menace. Mistreatment by the police officers should also be taken seriously and those found guilty charged for penalties on such crimes. It is also crucial if police activities are also monitored with body cameras especially in those cities mostly affected. Sensitization and awareness programs should also be established to help U.S citizens learn of their right and freedoms.

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