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1947 – the war is over, but Hamburg is truly not free Hanseatic city. Although it is governed for a year by the German mayor Max Brauer (SPD), but the highest authority in the city, the English Governor General Vaughan Berry. There are restricted areas, such as large pieces of the Hamburg harbor, where the Tommies anything that does not rivet and is nailed down, break down, to make it to the UK. They look so right, because still usable equipment and huge amounts of raw materials such as steel are only a small part of the reparations owed by the Kriegsaggressoren the victors.

The applied Dockers at Blohm & amp; Voss, the largest shipyard, behind see, however, a completely different intention: A top contender to be turned off

From Saturday to Monday is a traffic ban for cars, and who on the other days more than 80 km away. wants to remove from the city limits, needs a permit from the military administration. English jeeps and German policemen on foot or by bike patrol the ruins of the city in order to create some order in this chaos: The bombing in the summer of 1943, the housing stock was destroyed more than half.

Survival is easier here if you interpret the right individually for themselves …

The black market is flourishing; preferred means of payment are American cigarettes. Between many amateurs and professionals and children who have lost their family members and are entirely left to itself, trying their luck. In life-threatening actions they steal coal from the trains that roll up shortly before dawn in the Hamburger Bahnhof.

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Who would not fit into a gang and be commanded by a small would-be boss, it has a lone soldier more difficult

The fourteen-year-old Adolf Winkelmann is a -. Determined to do your own thing and fat gravel close. He vertickert tapes, but this promising business refuses to be a very big shot to take. In a Blohm- & amp; -Voss hall the boy covered in blood on a bomb lying found – dead

The determination is passed to Detective Frank Stave.. During his research he did not learn a lot; the Enlightenment proves to be troublesome. The boy lived mostly as a bum, no one really knew where he was straight. The coal thieving boy from the train tracks, he was rather rare. Sometimes he came with his aunt, a vehicle businesswoman, and her partner, a boxing promoter under. Someone has observed on the black market, like Adolf tickets sold to Boxwettkämpfen. Only a girl wants to ask around for the Commissioner. They fled as a “wolf child” from East Prussia and earned a few fags for love services; among the many orphans of the city it is the scum general.

In Cay Rademacher’s crime novel “The slide” are the crimes and the assassination of Adolf not so much at the center. Rather, the author obsessed with detail describes almost his war-torn city, its people, their special living conditions. Hardly a stone is more at another, people live longer quite as bad in holes or flat remains. The lucky ones can count, who has connections or can sell off on the black market, what the Tommies want to take as Deutschgut.

The fact that roamed in Hamburg on top of that a thousand orphaned children, is a very sad chapter. Such DPs ( displaced persons ) included the “wolf children” who were separated from their parents during the escape from the eastern parts of the empire and then for months, sometimes for years wandered through forests, fields and empty-swept areas, hiding in standalone farms and until they arrived from the fed, what they found in the west. But even there they had to continue to fight for survival if they are not accommodated in a home

The Hamburg Cay Rademacher is editor of GEO era. He knows his business and has well-researched to not so distant, but to make us plunge almost forgotten historical period atmosphere in one. As in a black-and-white film survived the ruined city of Hamburg before our eyes. The daily struggle for survival, the self-arranging with the emergency, access to all offers, even if the conditions speak against it – we see an oppressive atmosphere. Beautiful is his rich vocabulary, marked by dialect ( “Ketelklopper”, “Burning Witch”) and of technical terms around the port, the ships, shipyards and workflows. All this together makes for dense authenticity.

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