The Skating Accident at My Nephew's Birthday Party

Skating Party Catastrophe

It was one wonderful Sunday evening when things took a toll for the worse at my nephew’s birthday party at Golden Park in Mauldin, SC. My nephew is very young so I wanted a few friends my age to accompany me to the party. I went to pick up my friends from Easley, and we started on our journey to the skating rink. After we arrived, we ate pizza, drank sodas, put on our skates, and joined all my family inside the rink.

I wasn’t very proficient at skating, but I was determined to teach myself how to skate, no matter how many times I’d fall. The more I skated, the more confident I felt about going around the rink. I felt undefeated, and I wasn’t going to let anyone change that feeling. When I became more comfortable I started dancing and feeling the rhythm of the music, to make it easier to skate.

I started doing a few tricks, and dance moves that went along with the music being played.

The party was almost over, and it was 15 minutes until the skating rink was closed. I wanted to prove to all my family that I taught myself how to skate well. Suddenly, I tried to do a fancier trick, and my right leg went behind my left leg, and my ankle twisted around completely on impact. I tried to get up, but I was stuck there, and all I could do is watch the hundreds of people that were watching me cry out in agony, and my friends hollering to please get up! I sat with a nurse in my family, and the skating rink owner until the ambulance came.

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The ambulance took off my roller skate, put me on board, and proceeded to the hospital. Once I arrived at the hospital, the doctor informed me that my ankle was broken. I thought to myself once something is broken, it will heal, but it will never be the same. I felt sad, but there was no one to blame, but myself. In conclusion, breaking my ankle bone was the most embarrassing moment of my life because I was willing to risk being permanently injured, just to impress people.

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