The Similar Parallels, Hyperbolic Writing, and Strong Personal Attitude in Oryx and Crake, a Novel by Margaret Atwood

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Humans are always pursuing higher goals. They dream of the idealized utopia, where everyone is treated equally without any gaps and social problems. However, plenty of groups and organizations ended up their try on building up utopian societies with problems that emerged from human greediness and selfishness over the last hundreds of years. At the same time, with the development of the industry and technology, humans are facing a series of challenges that have never appeared before. Utopia seems far and unreachable, To explore the issues and suggest changes in the situation, there emerge a lot more forms of literary work.

As one of the new genres, dystopian fiction works differently from the other literary farms but is also effective, Make Oryx and Crake as an example, while Margaret Atwood points straight to the social issues and problems, she describes the story with overstated tongue and an obvious personal attitude, making her fiction accessible, readable and impressive to the audience. By developing a problematic society that is completely opposed to the utopia, dystopian fiction works effectively in encouraging change in the realit

To reach the goal of suggesting changes, it is important to make the writing practical, To remind the audience of the issues in the society, dystopian fiction writer creates a problematic world that includes a lot of issues parallel to the real world.

Firstly, similar parallels are created in the fiction to imply the issues that we have in today’s society. To strengthen the effect of warning, the fictional parallels are even more extreme than that in the real world to impress audience.

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In Oryx and Crake, one of the effective parallel social segregation, which was written with hyperbolic. All of the top scientists stay in their own community called Compound. They have all have high income and share a full-ordered system. What is ironic, is that the Compounds are surrounded by high walls and guards. People inside the wall live exclusively just like living in the castle, and they never want to communicate with others outside unless they have to. In the real world, the audience can find something similarities in the silica valley in LA where advanced technology is invented. Plenty of technological elites gather together and work for the high tech companies and have a high income. Around the area, there are a high quality educational resource, including famous schools such as Stanford.
Compare to the novel, the situation in the fiction is more serious. Although the social segregation in the real world is not as serious as that in the novel, it seems that Margaret is making a prediction about its development in the future, Since there are similarities between the parallel and reality, it reminds the audience to think about the social segregation in their real life. And by adding the ironic elements to the parallel, the au nice can feel the serious consequences of the issue, which works effectively indicating the reminder thatthe fiction is trying to give.

To move the audience emotionally, suggesting changes by writing about the encounters af the characters helps the audience to pay attention to the problems and its affects to the individuals. To suggest changes in human trafficking, Margaret edits the story of Oryx. Oryx was, bom in a small village and was sold by her mather hecause of poomess. She was controlled by the human traders, and was farced to work as a child prostitution for a pamographic website
when she was only eight years old, As a normal girl, Oryx’s story is tragic and dramatic. Not only making the story more attractive, Margaret stimulates the sympathy of the audience by the story. In fact, all those encounters could be avoided if Oryx could have a better family economy and helps from other persons. And because human trafficking is a serious problem around the world, the similar things are happen to a lot of people every day, the encounters of Oryx help the individuals ¢o turn their focus on the real human trafficking.

A hyperbolic style of writing is an important element of dystopian fiction. By giving the story and characters distinctive features, the fictions works effectively on attracting the audience and revealing the central idea of the writer.

To the audience, an incredible development of story is the most interesting part of the fiction. In Oryx and Crake, Margaret depict the end of the world using in an absurd style, which make her novel impressive. All human died out in an artificial catastrophe, the genetic modified human Crakers are left with variant monstered. The cities are in a death, remarking the einction of civilization. As the only planned human survivor, Snowman gave promise to his friend Crake of taking care of the Crakers. Dramatically in the end of the story, He found three other human survivors, which he can restore the civiltion by killing the Crakers, The stary ended in ‘Snowman’s struggle herween his promise and his lave of civilization, With the processing of the story, Margaret slowly pushes the plot to an extreme situation that is impossible in the real world. Because of its absurdity, every step is hard to imagine. On one side, the unpredictable story catches the eyes from the audience. On the ather side, the hyperhalic writing brings to audience the thinking on the role of civilization for human beings. By giving an open ending, the audience are given a deep impression about the theme of the fiction.

In dystopian novel, the building distinct characters contribute to attracting the audience and providing an effective way of understanding the topic. In Oryx and Crake, to enrich the depiction of characters, distinct comparisons are shawn between Jimmy and Crake, While Crake was built as a rational person, Jimmy was oppositely emotional. Their differently personality leads them to react differently on the same issue. When Jimmy first saw the fat chickens without beak and head, felt sick about eating their meats and felt guilty about the how the genetic experiment change the species. However, Crake considered those chicken as a wonderful invention of his school. In his opinion, there is no wrong to modify a species for human needs, and the chickens are just an advantage business tool to win the market. By comparing different personalities, Margaret successfully shows the stereo figures and make the fiction attractive. Meanwhile, while the vivid description help the audience to understand characters’ behaviors, it provides a way to understand the differences between science and humanity. Crake is a scientific character, he judges the invention by considering how its modification fits the need of human, Jimmy’s reaction indicates humanity. He has a sense of immorality when he sees how human change a spices because of their own needs, The two of them differently represents the side of science and humanity. Through shawing the different style mental activities of the characters, Margaret provides an effective way for the audience to understand the differences between science and humanity.

To impress the audience with, the noticeable personal position is added as to a lot of details. By revealing writer’s emotion and attitude, the audience could have an impressive sense of writer’s thoughts.

Through specific details in the story, Margaret shows her strong personal position and impresses the audience. For instance, being disappointed with human beings innovates Crake to create the perfect substitution of human, Every Craker owns a same name with a celebrity in human’s history, such as Abraham Lincoln and Madam Curie. To prevent the crashes emerged from desires, Crake has done works on Crakers brain. Their “faith part” of brain has been moved away, and they are just like the reproducing machine when they sex. Although the fiction didn’t mention the specific stories about Crake’s naming, the audience could guess his great expectation. However, does the extinction of humanity really helps the Crakers to be the success as the only intelligent beings on earth? It is such a pity that they do not have any goals or pursuing. They spend their life like the primitives and live without the growth of civilization.

From the absurd and ironic details, the audience could catch a strong sense of satire. While they are reading, they share the emotions with the writer so they can catch the writer’s attitude and position, It is easy for people to forget specific plots of the story, but the feelings and sense are hard to forget. The audience can feel Margaret’s opposed attitude to the abuse of technology and the ignorance of humanity, which means they can have a better understanding of the topic. Showing the personal attitude and position helps the audience to have an impressive sense of the topic that the writer tends to talk, To make the society a better place, dystopian fiction is created as an effective literary form of suggesting changes. It’s includes similar parallels, hyperbolic writing style and a strong personal attitude works impressively on the audience, While the waming parallels, character’s encounters and.

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