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Many a tourist who travels to Italy, dreamed here and there, how nice it would be to buy a small cottage in the country and there from now on to indulge in the dolce vita – away from Hi -Tech and unnecessary luxury. The locals in the cities there is no other way. And Andrea Camilleri this concept takes an idyll as an opportunity for a short story. On the back cover it reflects his own variant: buy a signalman houses, create a little garden, indulge in the tranquility, accompanied by the warbling of birds and broken only by the occasional snort of a vorbeizockelnden light railway train …

In such a way to Sicily longing and romance attuned, I took the little book on hand in anticipation of a delicate, poetic action.

the initial promises as well. Camilleri goes with us on the narrow gauge line of vigata after Castellovitrano on the coast of Sicily along. A steam locomotive pulling wagons of the 1st and 3rd class.

It goes to three railway keeper’s house over, the face of which he clearly explained to us the typical architecture. But then the mood changes quickly.

The fascists are in power. You nationalize the private railways, and change many jobs the owner -. Signalman for example, is now who has made the party deserves

In March 1942, Nino and his lovable, caring woman Minica refer a signalman cottages at vigata – although Nino is not a fascist. But his duties he fulfilled dutifully and supplies Mussolini’s soldiers who build the bunkers of the anti-aircraft along the coast, with clean well water.

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The happiness of trust couple would be perfect, if not always the Allied bombings threatened their idyll – and if they do not wish their children came true. A “herbal little woman” – quite contrary to the terminology a pretty, elegant lady – help with a pomade from …

In the evening Nino is frequently on the road to music with friend Totò duo. The now fashionable revolutionary songs they interpret as dance music, which they have to pay in jail briefly: Provoked, insulted, denigrated the hymn they had …

All this is suddenly irrelevant, raped as a man with peculiar tendencies Minica , abused, beating almost to death. It must be in the hospital operated on and for weeks maintained but really healthy they will never.

Loving and desperate at the same time Nino takes his wife, who now deranged, refused all food. They constantly digging with their feet into the ground, wants out here down roots, become a tree with strong branches. Nino they will replant, refining, water, fertilize, so that it can bear fruit. All in vain: there is no want to form medlar. Hardly powerful yet speaking, could wish Minica to be like. But before Nino reaches for the ax, a miracle happens …

The beautiful symbolism of the doomed metamorphosis into blossoming and fruit bearing tree is the core of subtle, profound parable about the transformation of a woman who was taken fertility and has destroyed it. This mystical text part designed Camilleri terrifying. Klapper Dürr is Minica; it relies on piles Nino tightly around them has been carved so that she can sleep standing up …

In addition, can Camilleri Sicily revive the fiercest wars. His (fictional) vigata is put in fear and terror and bombing almost completely destroyed. Informers and criminals operate their craft strengthened, the Carabinieri, the less. Sovereign ruler of the fate is Don Simone, the Padrone. Before him, nothing remains secret, he knows all about the community and about the political developments of the past and the future. He not only knows MiniCAS molesters, but whispers the name Nino’s ear as the desperate sitting at the pier – and immediately provides him with a perfectly thought-out plan to …

Again and again fascinated me versatility and ingenuity of the author. Although he maintains a distinctive style and remains true to its traditional values, but each of his many stories is unique. Also, “The Signalman” (in the original “Mit a purchase through this link to support my offer-danke!”

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