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The secret of Christmas puddings by Agatha Christie Review Paper

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Agatha Christie (1890-1976) is one of the greats in art of the detective novel. Their legendary protagonist, the Belgian gentleman Hercule Poirot and the spinster amateur detective Miss Marple, each have cleared dozens of crimes. You do that by sharp thinking, clever surveys and crafty snaring, and it often comes at the end of the novel (or the countless films) to a kind of showdown, during which they before the assembled group of suspects, victims, victims, law enforcement officers and others interested in reconstructing the crime clever and meticulous and the perpetrator convict, not frighten without first several innocent present associated terror.

After her death the decades subsided ending hype surrounding the “Queen of Crime” (1971 by Queen Elizabeth for “Dame of the British Empire” ennobled), because more modern, more complex types of investigators, crime and narration arose. If today Agatha Christie texts reads, you will enjoy the well-kept language, subtle humor, the bygone British way of life and the relatively uncomplicated worldview. Exactly what I need for carefree browsing on long winter evenings. Suitable for Christmas 2016, the Atlantic-Verlag has published a small collection of Christmas stories by the author, which offer more than thrillers. Translated they were by Renate Orth-Guttmann, Michael Mundhenk and Lia francs, the composition of anxious Daniel Kampa.

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The stories are preceded by a nostalgic greeting the author. In it she remembers how she used to celebrate with her family in northern England Christmas as a child. On Christmas Eve was properly served: oyster soup, turbot, turkey, beef. For dessert, among other sweet delicacies, a plum pudding was served. It was many years later to the object of the first story, “The secret of Plumpuddings”.

Still & More Reviews beautiful: Books and music CDs for the Advent and Christmas time, see Books and music for the Advent and Christmas on books reviews “/ a>.

The story revolves around a very delicate affair. An Indian heir apparent has traveled to London to be made over here immensely precious bracelet with a ruby. It will be the radiant gift for his cousin, whom he will marry soon. But before the good piece in work goes, the young Prince leaves one on a momentous adventure with an adorable young lady. Now in such circles a hearty bachelor party is well within the expected range – but not naivety. Of the follies to which the Oriental Prince has carried away, no man shall know. In order to straighten the “extremely delicate matter” again, we turn to the right person: You invite Monsieur Hercule Poirot-class Christmas Upper in the country one ( “tout confort moderne”) and can be sure of one that he the problem efficient, discreet and stylish solve white. His great hour strikes when a plum pudding is served after the festive meal with dessert, which has it all …

In trautem discussion group in front of the fireplace – three fine ladies and gentlemen – is Miss Marple one of its universally esteemed stories for the best. Although the unmarried old lady has a slightly cranky, she knows not only in this round witty and spitzzüngig to stage, in particular against the always intent on enforcing their interests men. Also in the case, which they then reported they saw through the devious plans of the relevant master. He planned to eliminate his wife by a seemingly inevitable tragic accident. Unfortunately, it did not succeed Miss Marple to preserve the bona fide wife from the worst, and a “Christmas tragedy” began. But at least justice was created at the end …

Without the usual investigators the rapid story “The dream of happiness” comes from. Rather, it is about the maturation of character of a young man who wins just before his marriage a lot of money in a sweepstakes. His fiancee is proposing to set aside the sum as a cushion for the future together. But he sees a unique opportunity to finally put away even his own dream come true. A sparkling red sports car lures him into an upmarket car dealership. After furious adventures with the goddess on four wheels he returns, changed for the self-confident man, on Christmas day to his frosty-cool bride back …

Weihnachtlich touching the little story is such a stubborn donkey that resold from one to another owner. Finally, it runs a particularly cruel martinet it and gets chance in a strange house. Why so many people go there, even right VIPs arrive there, the donkey can not understand where but just a child was born. As it holds the newborn ear, but a miracle takes place with great range …

The pretty dance so different texts of a versatile writer decides “Greetings,” a poem for Christmas.

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