The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion Review

Why women find this man merely unattractive? Donald Tillman looks good, he is 39, athletic, intelligent and as assistant professor in the Department of Genetics in the raised position with above-average incomes. Despite all this, Don has a “partner” problem. Already making friends is difficult for him. Whatever is behind it for a personal deficiency: “regarding romantic relationships” he has a particularly lasting

For colleague Gene and his wife Claudia, a clinical psychologist, talked Don a loose relationship that fully satisfy him.

, They performed “many interesting discussions” at the Institute, then was invited home for dinner and “other rituals of approach”. So Don had now two friends. Their attempt to solve his “wife problem” by one or two date , Don has indeed ended quickly: a waste of time, it was based but “on the traditional appointment paradigm” whose “success rate in proportion to effort and negative experiences stand “.

Don’s life is organized by the minute. Delays due to tardiness or unforeseeable he must catch up with further optimization.

Rigid order dominates his apartment. The pantry is granted after a standard menu sequence for each day of the week. (Every Wednesday he cooks “Lobster Mango-Avocado Salad with flying fish roe in wasabi, crisp roasted seaweed and fried Lauchgarnierung”.) His whole life is time and cost efficient optimized. Pictures on the wall? . One can have less expensive when you visit a gallery

At least now has an unprepared reader baffled by this extraordinary man, who else is ticking in some ways than mere mortals: Don is autistic with Asperger’s syndrome, and Graeme Simsion has his protagonist in straight from the shoulder to tell his bulky I-shape.

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people like him are especially in their social interactions. You nor can they perceive or appreciate the other feel neither own feelings. That they may live as it were hermetically; they satisfy themselves, live in the rigid rhythms, and any changes it brings in inner turmoil. Even touching their bodies are them uncomfortable. Many of them are above average intelligent and gifted in science.

Don is himself unaware of his neurological specialty. When he is to hold on behalf of genes presented a paper on Asperger’s syndrome and researched about the symptoms, he does not keep it for “variations of the human brain functions” whose classification “medically noticeable” when he einleuchtet: they deviated only by social norms which in turn not absolute but “culturally conditioned” are.

( “the most common human configurations”) he analyzes his own social interactions on a statistical, quantified basis. He recorded exactly how others perceive their behavior, their view dismembered him and strives to recognized standards to meet ( “I noted some interpersonal behavior techniques for possible future use.”). However, this does not always succeed; it remains for him unfathomable scope ( “I was not sure how I should mimic a normal human being.”). At the end of the novel’s plot, he summarizes his findings about themselves, about a “lack of empathy” as “symptoms of autism spectrum” sober up: “I was configured differently.”

goes to his scientific way, he and the “partner” problem rationally and focused on. be in advance must be filtered out, who does not jibe with his request screens; Exclusion criteria are about tardiness, obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption. He developed a questionnaire that all relevant data is captured, and in the end he would, as a handle, it can be found a winter tire test, the ideal wife.

However tumbles by chance the conceivable inkompatibelste person in Don’s life. Rosie is simply “screwed up”. She has dyed red hair, can not cook, smokes, works part in a gay bar, lives in a different “time zone” (which the delays) and swirls his tidy life thoroughly confused. But it shows Don also how beautiful and far the world can be. When she first enjoys the “fantastic view” of Don’s apartment, she goes into raptures; he had the time “once appraised” the purchase, that was enough.

The Rosie Project < " Graeme Simsion:" the Rosie Project "at"

to adjust all elements of the design perfectly the essence of the protagonist. What initially brittle, strange (or – in Rosies case – messy) anmutet is understandable in many small episodes, familiar, lovable. The author does not disgraced his character, but portrays them in embarrassing situations carefully and sensitively, “black tie” wrote the invitation to academics ball in front, and so an assistant professor Tillman appears in top hat and tails. When the resulting embarrassment he realizes he solves it completely non-chalant on by lüpft with a flourish and bowed his hat; he wins the hearts of all those present.

Conversely, opens up the narrative perspective also us new insights into the world of the very normal. What Don observed, suspected, and concludes our usual view alienated ourselves as we take for granted. While experiencing some phenomenon, mediated in Don’s unusual colors, a deserved disillusionment. This impression is, for example, (whether intended or not) in the figure gene. Leading an open pair relationship with his wife Claudia. Covered with the guise of scientific experimental research (Department of “sexuality and genetics”) he sleeps different nationalities with a lot of women.

“The Rosie Project” is a quiet novel that with empathy for people who are “different are “and will also be read between the lines.

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