The Role of the English Language in Life

The role of English in my life is quite a lot, I use it every day. Whenever I play games or listen to music there is English involved, in games you are needed to talk English when you speak in your microphone to your teammates. I think English for me has always been part of my daily life since I started with both video games and English books + music in my free time. I am hoping that whenever I get out of school I can go to another country like the United States to work in a restaurant, then I would have to be good in English.

I think it is important for young people to know English, mainly because most ‘systems’ that jobs use today is English based. The latest world news and discoveries, the most important scholarly discussions and the various fields of art – like books, movies, music – are firstly or just available in English. The language of technology is also written in English.

You will meet anyone who speaks English, anyplace you would like to travel within the country. after we simply catch up on the countries wherever English is that the official language, the UK, Japan, us, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and then forth, there are over four hundred million fluent English speakers. sensible English isn’t solely elegant however conjointly a prospect to continue learning and specializing within the world’s best universities, that are in truth in countries wherever English is spoken.

Education is crucial for you to develop, however learning English usually enhances your quality of life.

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you have got exposure to figure that you simply don’t very take into thought, might confirm a grip overseas, thus you’ll quickly shopping or get rentals in alternative countries.

The advantages of knowing English people language of a private are varied. it’s crucial to notice is that sure obstacles, even linguistic ones, perhaps overcome in English.

Good information on English allows you to effectively communicate with international customers, sanctionative them to possess a robust, property account with you and your business, folks victimization English for his or her daily work have to be compelled to be able to use English for numerous functions, together with conferences, talks, management, reporting, presenting and social things. To speak with success and to barter with English speaking customers makes the abilities of firms that conduct international business additional enticing, which means that workers and agencies that speak English will usually earn higher wages.

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