The Role of Religion in Sports and Tim Tebow as an Example

In today’s society, I believe that religion plays a major role in sports. I believe that religion plays a major role in sports because a lot of people depend on their higher being to help motivate them or help get them out of situations, no matter what the situation is. For example, as soon as you hear good news, the first thing people tend to say is “look at god” or “won’t he do it’i With that being said, most of the time people have prayed about whatever happened Now on to sports Sports itself could be very mind controlling and what I mean by mind controlling is that when it comes to a big game, you‘re focused and trying to get your mind right maybe a whole week prior to the game, just for that big day, Now the big day is here and your anxiety is up and you are all ready but now it’s time to go out and you‘re nervous and don’t know what to do.

So, usually when it comes to times like this, you want to step aside and thank your higher being and pray that you and your team do well.

This is how my big performances usually go. Although we tend to pray before every performance with the motto: “a team that prays together, stays together”. In some sports such as the NFL, you’re not allowed to do certain things; for an example, Tim Tebow.

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During Tebows football career with the Denver Broncos, whenever he decided to score he would kneel down in the touchdown zone and pray for at least Ssec every time he scored. Due to the NFL rules, any celebration that takes away from the norm should be actively discouraged[Ker16]. The NFL rulebook states that “players are prohibited from engaging in any celebrations or demonstrations while on the ground“ [Bor16].

Religion has always been a part of the sports world, but its presence today is hard to ignore. Religion is hard to ignore because today‘s society has changed meaning that we tend to overlook an athlete and his faith until it is brought up in the media[Hea09]. It is not brought up in the media until it is being a repetitive thing, I don’t think it should be issue if it was not addressed the first time Now the only problem with that is that they could fine you which is ridiculous, but it happens In conclusion to religion playing a major role in sports, I believe that this is something huge that no one pays attention to. Although no one pays attention to it, it seems to be a big problem in today’s sports. Throughout this modern day society, most athletes are sticking to what they practice. I feel like many athletes make a lot of sacrifices when it comes down to religion and sports. As stated above, some might even take one for the team and do what they have to do!

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