The Role of Leaders in Improving Nepal

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Role of leaders for Better Nepal(any developing nation)

From lofty mountains to exotic wildlife, Nepal has it all. We are one of the most fortunate people on the planet to be blessed with a treasure of natural resources and yet, we call Nepal a poor country .Nepal is not actually a poor country .It is just an unorganized and unmanaged country. Once our leaders give up their pity personal ambitions and join hands for nation building this unorganized and unmanaged country will transform into a prosperous and peaceful middle income vibrant economy.

We are at crucial stage and this is the right time for our leaders to repent their mistakes. They can play a constructive role in taking the nation ahead and that is the best thing they can do to win back the trust of people .It is high time for our political leaders to prove themselves by fulfilling the responsibly assigned to them. With the herculean task of reconstruction ahead ,we expect our leaders to deliver their best.

Till date, we have able to harness only 850 MW of electricity which is even below 2% of what is economically viable. Whenever an idea of a hydropower project comes ahead, it faces heavy opposition from stakeholders including political parties and their cadres’ .A myriad of problems comes ahead of them which ultimately compel them to withdraw. Entrepreneurs too face similar problems while setting up their business. As a result, the economic growth has become sluggish and our trade deficit has grown exponentially.

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Frequent closures and dirty politics have further aggravated the situation.

The leaders must understand that we have no more time for all these dirty games. The nation wants to transform and people are ready to deliver .We are just waiting for a visionary leadership to for unleashing economic growth. People are slowly losing faith on their hard earned democracy and the intraparty conflicts will bring nothing good. They will just create larger spaces for foreign intervention. The leaders are meant to play the lead roles and that’s how they can prove the critics wrong. Leaders can even help bring bureaucratic reforms and they can always play a lead role to strengthen the state mechanism.

Proper Planning

Introducing investor -friendly reforms will lure multinationals and in return, it will bring lucrative jobs for Nepalese youths. The leaders can play decisive roles to diversity and commercialize agriculture and it solely depends upon the political leadership when it comes translating vision into reality. Whether it’s about winning a battle or writing an essay proper planning is necessary. Launching Youth Self-Employment programmes with adequate preparation can also make a huge difference.

Role of Opposition

The opposition leaders too have an essential role to perform in democracy. They can always help to establish a healthy political culture through constructive criticism and acting as watchdog can further help in strengthening our democratic rights.

Fostering Good Governance

According to a report released by Transparency International in 2015, the CPI (Corruption Perception Index) of Nepal slipped form 29 points to 27 retaining Nepal’s position as one of the most corrupt states in the world. The lust for power among political heavyweights has not only resulted in the growth of antinational elements such as corruption ,nepotism and favoritism but has also given birth to a serious problem called “Brain Drain”. Political instability is punishing our proficient professionals abroad and lack of transparency is hindering the inflow of foreign investments.
The major role of leaders in democracy is to deliver prompt and efficient service to people. Preparing policies is one thing and implementing them is another .For a better Nepal, leaders must learn to be accountable, they must fulfill the commitments they had made during elections. The realistic policies and bold decisions can work wonders when it comes to development and good governance is the doorway to prosperity.


Whatever we say, politics is the lifeblood of a nation and until we reform the reformers prosperity will remain a distant dream. It is rightly said that when we develop leaders, we develop counties. Lee Kuan Yew transformed Singapore from a small port city to an economic hub of Asia and under visionary leadership; Nepal too can meet its ambitious target to graduate from Least Developed Countries by 2022. The world has eyes on us and we yet have some hope on our leaders. We sincerely hope that our leaders realize their mistakes and correct them before it’s too late. The nation expects more from its leaders .

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