Teen Flavored Tobacco Smoking on the Rise

As the years press on, the problem of teenage smoking has always been present since it was made illegal. In accordance with this smoking, many teenagers are now turning to flavored cigars as a preferred source of smoking, with flavors like Dreamsicle and chocolate mintt One bonus for people to smoke this kind of tobacco is that the flavor hides the harshness of the tobacco that allows you to sense that it’s bad for you. This is also a bad thing in the fact that it discourages you from wanting to stop smoking, because not only does it feel addictive, now it’s tasty too.

In studies shown, kids experimenting with tobacco often leads to life long smoking, with 88% of adults saying they started smoking at 18 and have not stopped.

While President Obama signed an act to disallow the sale of flavored cigarettes, flavored cigars were not banned which are actually quite similar. Smoking companies say they make the flavors for adults, using flavored vodka and such as an example of how adults prefer things with flavor in them.

The sale of flavored cigars is a huge problem for our society, due to the fact that teenage smokers are much more inclined to smoke. With the next generation being tempted by tobacco that won’t have them coughing it up, but instead savoring it can produce many more smokerst Already, most adult smokers started smoking at the age of 18, how many more people would when you have the flavor further enticing you to savor itt.

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An example of this is 2 out of 5 teenage smokers using little flavored cigars when they smoke. With smoking companies giving teenagers further incentives to try cigars, whether they mean to or not, makes many problems with the respiration of the next generation, With more and more people likely to develop lung cancer or asthma, this can prove an immense problem. Hopefully, things like flavored cigars being banned can be a huge step forward in ensuring the protection of lungs in teenagers or the adults of the future.

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