The Research led by Deborah Lupton

The following sample essay on “The Research led by Deborah Lupton”.Is based on food preparation and consumption practices. The data collected for the research was through conducting an exploratory study and also through peer review where childhood memories written by students focused on food, memory and meaning at an Australian university.

Luptons main purposes were to reveal importance of the ways in which food contributes to social relationships and practices, to identify the common patterns and themes, to explain further about the memory-work which helps with illuminating the meanings and symbolic role of food in western countries.

Basically, food is important factor in both health and ill-health conditions. Medical researchers have demonstrated that there is a strong relationship between the people who consume rich meals and cardiovascular disease, cancers, Diabetes, osteoporosis, bowel conditions and so on. Consequently, many western countries have started following national dietary guidelines in order to improve their health states. These guidelines emphasized on reduction of saturated fats, salt, alcohol intake and refined sugar.

The intake of carbohydrates and dietary fiber has increased gradually. Usually health promoters raise awareness about health risks and benefits of having healthy food to the population by organizing campaigns and social marketing programs.

However, instead of being and ill-healthy person, individuals should observe those guidelines of American research committee and then change their bad habits to healthy ones. There are some improvements that have been noted recently, such as decreased dairy products, intake of salts and red meat as well as the increased levels of vegetables which improve the health and the knowledge about the association between diet and diseases as well.

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According to a study in some countries they still haven’t change their eating behaviors which probably came from the early childhood. Such models of eating behaviors usually ignore the social and economic drawbacks upon healthy eating behaviors. In this article Lupton argues the recent familial relationship and eating choices in western society.

Food might be viewed as a definitive consumable product, which serves natural needs, as well as acts emblematically to characterize limits among self and other and build a cosmology. Food is fundamental components of each culture. To be sure their exceptionally platitude might be a noteworthy basic explanation behind the absence of insightful consideration given to the investigation of nourishment and cooking as significant social marvels. In the previous decade, in any case, expanded consideration has been paid by sociologists in the convictions and social structures influencing food rehearses in western culture, and the ‘sociology of food and eating’ has turned out to be perceived as a real sub-discipline, gradually winning acknowledgment.

In memory-work, when the point of the memory stays general and the origin of the memory is left to the member as opposed to being intentionally evoked by a questioner there is a more prominent extension for heterogeneity of reaction. Memory-work is an aggregate undertaking into social examination, however it additionally, in its underlying stages, includes a unique composition of a memory. As a learning knowledge for the understudies who took an interest, the dialog of recollections included them in an aggregate speculating exercise, expecting them to move past their individual memory to the social idea of sustenance occasions and consequently upgrading their comprehension of the socio-social nature of regular day to day existence activities. According to a recent research utilizing the procedure of memory-work to comprehend components of day to day existence, for example, food consumption and willingness can expand upon these underlying discoveries, maybe by utilizing themes to trigger recollections, such as ‘breakfast’, better nourishment or less nutritious food.

In my point of view, the results examined in this study are not outdated because in this century with my personal experiences and when look into others experiences it can be seen the same scenarios happen in daily life. Intake of vegetables and fruits every day, lead to non-transmittable diseases, and likeness for ‘feel good’ food, lead to obesity, are influenced by childhood experiences and well-being of adults independent of demographic factors. Protective medications which make stronger parent-child connections and enhance childhood experiences are probably going to diminish the improvement of poor dietary and other risks for a healthy life.

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