The Representation of Van Mensvoort Is What We Need in a Prime Minister

The book is an epic journey of discovery through the wonderful world of cultural nature. It shows how the imbalance between nature and technology gives us a dark perspective on society and at the same time stands in the way of the future. It describes the philosophy of Next Nature and gives current examples and scientific insights. All of that is written fluently and, as Bright founder Oscar Kneppers said, “The representation of Van Mensvoort is what we need in a prime minister.

” “What you might ask yourself about a new gadget is whether this technology will make you more human,” says Van Mensvoort during the book presentation . He sees tech and robots precisely as human enhancers, just like panel member and Bright presenter Anna Gimbrere : “Robots are no threat to us or our jobs, but let people do what we specialize in.

They release us from the tasks for which we are not necessarily suited for evolution (assembly line work, administration) so that we can become more human.

” Super organism If you extend the timeline of the origin of man, from elementary particle via cell to multicellular organism, Van Mensvoort sees two possible futures. Either humanity dies out because we have made life on earth impossible for ourselves, or we become a super organism consisting of several people. That sounds scary and a bit dirty, but the book makes the idea of ​​a super organism manageable.

Consider a swarm of bees, where one bee specializes in one and the other has another main task.

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They are individuals but they do not exist without the swarm. According to Van Mensvoort, a company is perhaps the super organism in which we are going to evolve. From super organisms through wild software and genetic surprises, autonomous machines and beautiful black flowers: nature changes with us. And so we will have to understand our globe, find a suitable vocabulary and draw a path to the future that will guarantee a viable existence for humanity. After reading the book you not only have a realistic but infinitely creative, optimistic and human worldview. The book is for sale for 22.50 euros and for 2.50 euros extra you are also a member of the Next Nature Network.

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