The Reformation Vision of Martin Luther

Martin Luther was the founder of Lutheranism; he broke away from the Catholic Church to form Lutheranism after they would not listen to his ideas and excommunicated him. He then caused great and major changes to the world as far as religion goes by acting upon his opinions on what needed changed about the catholic church. Luther realized all of the corruption that was going on within the Catholic Church and knew something wasn’t right and needed changed. In total Luther came up with at least 95 ways to reform the current Catholic Church system.

For starters, it’s wrong to charge money for indulgences, especially in advance.

The people of the church were getting much too greedy money wise and not following the bible as closely as Luther thought it should be. In Lutheranism one was to follow what the bible says and only as the bible says it. Not only were they charging money for things like forgiveness of sins they also accepted payment in land however, Luther did not feel it was necessary for a church to have large tracks of land for the church thus in Lutheranism the church owned no land other than that of which the congregation was on.

These were good reforms to have been made. Based on how corrupt the Catholic Church had become Luther’s break was a needed change to help further human’s spiritual growth and wellbeing. Luther’s break also opened the flood gate for many other religions to start forming and changed many peoples perspective on religion.

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People started to realize they could follow their own beliefs instead of needing to conform to the Catholic Church. Luther caused a major and needed reform to religion.

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