The Reasons Why Marriages End in Divorce

Divorce is something that no one wants to go through Whether you go through it yourself, or witness your parents go through it, divorce is hard There are many reasons for divorce; a lot of them, people don‘t pay much attention to. There are a couple of really simple problems that could be fixed easily, but not many want to take the time to try This also causes a problem for the children; it plays a big part on their lives and most of the time they feel as if it‘s their fault Many relationships end because of lack of commitment If both of the people don’t put forth the effort, it will fail.

Another reason for divorce is marrying too young. It‘s said that if you marry too young, your marriage will most likely have some difficulties, but divorce should be expected. Many people don‘t understand the effect this can have on children. Children pay attention to things like divorce, and one day they may take after those actions and end their marriage as welli.

Personally, I understand the pain and the emotional toll it takes on a child‘s life. Children believe that their parents should be able to work through things; they have a mindset that their parents are superheroes Things like divorce make children wonder; and disappoints them when they realize their parents are not invincible In conclusion, of course, divorce is hard on the couple that goes through it, But, when they go through with it, they‘re not thinking about the people it can affect 7 children, brothers, sisters, parents, and even friendst Relationships will last if people are willing to put forth the effort, but many aren’t; that’s why many married couples get a divorce.

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