The Reasons Why Food is the Most Important Thing in Life

What would life be like without food? Try not to think too hard because that was a trick question. Without food, we wouldn‘t be alive, right? However, food is much more important than just a necessary life substance Food also affects people’s attitude and even has the power to bring people together. It is because of these reasons that I state food is the most important thing in life. The main reason why I view food so important is because it sustains one‘s life force.

The human body can only go 3 days without fluids and only 3 weeks without food When a person does not eat they tend to fill lethargic. This happens due to the lack of nutrients that food provides you that gives you energy Food is also need to build mass and provide strength That‘s why athletes and bodybuilder diets require them to eat such large portions. Strength and energy aside, food also helps your brain function properly Have you ever tried to take a test on an empty stomach?

Chances are that you didn’t do very well, The reason why you performed poorly is that your mind is distracted.

Your brain is the command center of your body. When you stomach growls, your stomach is telling you its hungry, But your brain is what’s telling your stomach to growl. Have you ever been so hungry that throughout your day the more someone speaks to you, you get irritated and you just want scream at them? Well I have.

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The reasons that may be is because hunger can affect one’s emotions. Hunger causes apathy, which also means a lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern. This occurs because your mind is already focused on where your next meal is going to come from. Any unnecessary thoughts will just cause you to get cranky and overall upset. I can’t say I blame you though. After all words can’t fill up a person’s stomach, On the flipside however, food can change your attitude for the better as well, For example, when I am depressed I seek out comfort foods like mac n’ cheese or ice cream to make me feel better.

It’s amazing what one bodily sensation can affect. While it may be true that food helps us function throughout our everyday lives, food also can be used to bring families, friends, and others together. When families want to get together and catch up one might suggest a picnic, a family barbeque, maybe even a nice Sunday dinnert When you and your friends want a night out on the town, you might hit it up a bar for some wings, beer, and good ol’ conversation. Another great example of food bring people together would be a dinner date After all, how much better is it to get to know someone with food to pass the timer Food and big historical events have been associated for years Kings held major feasts and banquets, and the pilgrims held thanksgiving with the natives in thanks of new found land, Food also corresponds with major holidays like Easter, Christmas and Halloween were families get together out of tradition So in conclusion, next time your upset at someone or something, try to destress of one of your favorite food. If you‘re going to throw a big party, don‘t forget that food is the ultimate people attraction, And most importantly, remember that food is so much more than just lifet Food brings a better quality of life as well.

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