The Reason for Daydreaming in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber

Walter Mitty’s daydream life is so more exciting than his real one. His real life is pretty boring, and he just does whatever his wife tells him to, so he got into the habit of daydreaming so as to cheer it up.

The main difference between his real life and his daydream life is that he is much more involved with things in the daydreams. The dreams were of being a Lieutenant and giving orders, being the main Doctor in the hospital, and being undefeatable.

From those particular dreams, it seems like he wants to be the one in charge of something great and giving the orders. In his current life, he is the one being ordered around and has nothing in being able to choose. The major difference between his real life and his dreams is that he is the one being given the orders and lower down, while in his dreams, he is at the top, and gives out the orders.

Walter Mitty got into the habit of daydreaming all the, and just in this story he dreamt five different dreams. The reason why he is constantly dreaming is that he sees life as not as wonderful as he would like, and he wants to not think about how he thinks it is cruel to him. Walter Mitty also never gets to interact with anyone except when he is being shouted at for not paying attention. Through all his dreams, he hopes that one day, he would be able to be that man in his dreams.

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In real life, he is constantly being shouted at, and grounded for daydreaming. Walter Mitty started day dreaming, and in all the scenarios, he is a great hero. It would be impossible for him to be that great hero though, because he is too old to be like the hero in his day dreams. His daydreaming also keeps himself out of being shouted at non stop by his wife. His wife sounds like a person that is not the nicest, and even was shouting at him just because he sat in a different pace than usual waiting for her. If he keeps day dreaming, he will be able to mis what his wife says for some of the time.

Walter Mitty has so many dreams, because he wants to escape his boring life, escape his wife’s shouting, and dream of being someone so great. The reason why it is so different than his regular life is, because in his real life he is nothing great, and he is the one taking on the orders, while in his dreams, he is the commander and the one giving out the orders for the people to follow.

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