The Real Portrayal of Events True Photography

Many people live hectic and demanding lives and are too busy to discover the beauty or in some cases unpleasantness of the world around them. I find that I observe the world around me with special consideration and photograph the world when I feel that other people do not see it as frequently as I do. Whether this is the angle in which I photographed a scene or the depth of field I used I photograph the world so other people can see what I see.

Berenice Abbott documented the rise of modern architecture and urban culture from diverse angles, yet her images still show an aspect of daily life that I am aware of. I feel that this is why people feel drawn to photography, as they can be familiar with the scene that has been captured yet they can much more easily see the way the photographer has interpreted the scene. In particular what the photographer saw to rouse them to press the shutter and capture the moment.

I feel that paintings can often be seen as ‘mistakes’ or ‘inaccuracies’ whether they are paintings of certain people or recreations of events. However, photography is intrinsically truthful (to a point) to what the film or sensor recorded whether the subject is fact or fiction.

There can often be happy accidents in photographic captures. This is what I feel validates photography as an art form; it helps to inform society on the issues of the day. In the case of photojournalism, the news that is reported is understood and believed by the public based on the photographs taken in the regions where issues occur, such as the Syrian uprising which many people would not have been aware of without the images as proof of violence and fighting in the area.

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