The Pursuit of Freedom, the Value of Friendship and the Voice of the Youth in the Film Rang De Basanti

The film Rang De Basanti is a story that showcases the pursuit of freedom and the value of friendship, and teaches the youth that they have a voice. The plot begins as an apprehensive, British filmmaker, Sue, comes to India to shoot a film based on her grandfather’s diary The diary tells the narrative of five revolutionaries fighting for Indian independence. Sue struggles to find her cast, but when she meets a group of rebellious students she decides to convince them to act the pans.

Daljit “DJ” Singh, Karan Singhania, Aslam Khan and Sukhi Ram are the first members to join the crew, but Sue still must find her fifth freedom fighter. The last character, Laxman Pandey, ends up finding her and joins the cast after much dispute, The film carries on between the college students playing the parts and the historical events (shown in black and white) As Sue begins to film the students seem unaffected and bemused by the plotline and believe that they have nothing in common with the characters in the journal.

They quickly realize that they have much more in common than they first thought, The first instant of this that 1 saw was between Aslam and Pandey. Pandey is a Hindu conservative and anti-Muslim. He struggles to work with Aslam due to his heritage, but as they begin to fall into their roles (who share a similar religious background) they figure out that they too, are not so different and become friends as the plotline begins to heat up.

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Aslam’s role in the film is different than that of other popular Bollywood films because unlike typical Muslim characters he takes on a modern and western performance, Their characters are also altered because instead of the Muslim being the more pretentious personality, Pandey takes that role and is also less tolerant, The story intensifies with the death of their good friend Ajay sparking a revolution of their own. Their good friend, and Sonia’s fiance’, is a pilot and crashes his plane due to “pilot error”, as reported by the government.

The friends are unable to believe this and after some investigation find out that the plane crash was due to illegal exchange of deficient parts by a government minister and, even more alarmingly, the deal was made by Karan’s fatheri In a quite unbelievably bold move, the friends take matters into their own hands and kill the corrupt ministeri Sue seems to be forgotten in the background despite being somewhat responsible for their actions and the film reaches the Climax without her, Goodbye Sue! The five friends take over the All India Radio station and Karan informs the country of the circumstances of their friend’s death and admit to the murder of the minister and (in an even bigger surprise) his father, who were both corrupt people In the end, the radio station is bombarded by police and all five friends are killed. Although all of the “freedom fighters” end up dying, the movie ends on an uplifting note by revealing that their work was successful.

Their deaths create a domino effect of uprising from Indian youth who urge the media that corruption will end and justice will be served I felt that Rang De Basanti was a refreshing way to end the course, I loved that it showed a more modern depiction of India in which there was less of a focus on social hierarchy and gender roles, although the females were not shown on the fighting side This was annoying considering Sue was the reason why “DJ”, Karan, Aslam, Sukhi, and Pandey became so passionate about political issues in the first place, Highlighting corruption in India was a key plot theme because it remains a prominent issue today and I liked that the film motivated the younger generation to take matters into their own hands and do something about it Kumar, Sanjeev.


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