The protective hand of Wolfgang Schorlau Review

On the pulse of time determined private investigator Georg Dengler in his eighth case, and again close to West Germany’s our reality. Since he was scared out of his secure job at the BKA, he makes his way as a private investigator. What to small orders (type Wife monitoring) hereintröpfelt irregular, barely enough to keep him financially afloat. Since the blockbuster that offers him a mysterious phone caller against a big fee comes in handy. The question is: “Who shot Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhard?”

The two young assassins of NSU trio died on November 4, 2011, the official investigation revealed that it was a suicide, since 6 .

May 2013 be negotiated their misdeeds before the Higher Regional court of Munich. Media and the public to follow the trial of the only remaining main defendant Beate Zschäpe attention. What should like Dengler there still identify a private citizen, what can he dig that state organs have not already found out? And who can have an interest to get a lot of money to knowledge, has the perhaps not even the judiciary?

and causing an author of detective novels who obviously extremely difficult official gaining knowledge about which intelligence agencies, police, lawyers and court (but not the lactating key figure Beate Zschäpe) try to add a fictional version? Questions, questions.

Georg Dengler takes up the challenge. The task is enormous. The NSU trio are the nine so-called “doner murders” attributed between 2000 and 2006, as well as the murder of the policewoman Michele Kiesewetter and the attempted murder of her colleague and fourteen attacks on postal and savings bank branches.

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a “lay-investigator team” from girlfriend, hard-drinking cronies and helpful ex-lover – – in a film of 2011 the trio to the nail bomb attack on 9 June 2004. With a committed game crowd confesses he plunges into the extensive research, rummages through mountains of files, protocols parliamentary committees of secret documents and newspaper articles and looking around.

Dengler local recapitulates the events surrounding the death of the NSU terrorists in November 2011. After a bank robbery in Erfurt flee Mundlos and Böhnhard in their campers, imagine themselves (so the official version) surrounded by police, set fire and shoot himself. But there are in the vehicle no residues, as they should stick by head shots on the walls. The burnt and soggy from the fire water vehicle is towed along with the bodies and unsecured parked in a hall. The police action violating such against any determination routine and elementary evidence guidelines that every crime scene audience’s hair stand on end.

The inconsistencies undermine the credibility of the official course theory of the suicide of the right-wing terrorists and open speculation floodgates. Was a third man on the spot, perhaps a undercover agent of the secret service? If tracks are destroyed to cover up a murder plot

The crime has nothing good on the suicide version – and encourages even more frightening findings to light, penetrate deeper Dengler research. The neo-Nazis could commit to be prosecuted without ever in Thuringia serious violent offenses. The Free State had “three million and far more” euros in the “construction of a right-wing thugs,” the “Thuringian homeland security” invested. One in four in this force was acting as a paid spy to deliver information to the Military Counterintelligence Service, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the Thuringian State Office for the Protection of the Constitution and other news and intelligence agencies of the federal government and state governments.

What was made with the reported information? What conclusions were drawn? Whose intentions were served, who made the decisions? Dengler’s team is “a crime against the state on the track.” “The protective hand of the state” shielded criminals granted them “a general amnesty.” Has our government even murders contracted ? Are also attacks on asylum seekers accommodation “part of a political campaign”?

It is “a murky soup”, stirred into the Schorlau there. Much has been learned from the media. He also adds her own sharp ingredients added by letting accrue to the conspiracy theorist Georg Dengler. give that intelligence agencies “targeted killings in the country” in order is secured for him to 95 percent. While the carousel of his investigation turns faster and faster, expanding on international parquet, to historical and global contexts open. After the Second World War, founded the British and Americans, the secret organization “Stay Behind”, which was to prevent an invasion of the Red Army. This also contributed to NATO assumed German units such as the “Secret Resistance” a contribution ( “kill without leaving a trace”). From “Stay Behind” In 1956, the Federal Intelligence Service was the Gehlen Organization, later.

At the end of the detective novel Dengler’s gloomy view of the world has quite materialized. The puppet masters sit still in the US. Their intelligence build “their full monitoring” systematically. With this knowledge, the “American policy on Germany” directs everything we do whether male or Treasury chancellor’s office or Mr. Edathy MP -. All dancing to a pipe

A great mind game, or the author says that about seriously. ? But yes. Wolfgang Schorlau wants us not only entertain belletristic, but to inform political. What he deep stacks as a “literary investigation in a real criminal case” is created as eye-opener . The “search for truth” to the death of Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhard leads in the end to the depressing realization “how little poise and how much other-directed the country in which I live.” About his protagonist transported Schorlau his personal political view. Dengler searches are his own. To support his argument, Schorlau tells not just a thriller, but written work according to scientific rules. Page by page he quotes from original documents, tons of footnotes refer to the notes, where sources and black and white photos are put together.

Despite the evidence Dengler-Schorlau theories are not the same automatically as “the truth”. Perhaps a nonfiction book would have been more appropriate transport medium for Schorlau message. Because a crime remains a crime: fiction. As the reader take high-flying theories rather sporty take seriously, do not expect any serious analysis, but excitement and entertainment. In both, unfortunately, the book falls short of expectations. Who wants to watch the ‘critical apparatus’ of documents and references, is torn from step backwards and forwards from the action flow; Dengler’s discussions, research and explanations do not always tingle before drama.

Stimulating thriller fantasy or absurd conspiracy theory, how to find them in abundance on the Internet? Enlightenment or scaremongering? In which direction and how far one may follow the findings of the author and his private investigator, each reader must decide despite our political heteronomy fortunately itself. I personally do not like about his theory that the secret maze of anonymous powers, no matter where they work, the individual as a spineless puppet appears. The responsibility of the citizen to the community, the offender for his actions seems suspended. Right-wing extremists and racists can not help it if they are determined by others.

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