The Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

As with any issue, there are pros and cons to making the decision to legalize marijuana for medical use. Every person will make their own judgments about the decision, but my mind has been made up already. There are some illnesses and diseases that respond better to marijuana than they do to prescription medications. Marijuana is also very good for common problems like anxiety, pain, and sometimes even for sleep. This plant is one of the few all natural products that actually makes a difference for people with chronic illnesses.

Of course there will be those people who oppose the legalization, even if it is only for medical use. Recently, I came across an article online that tells about 5 diseases that have been proven to have significantly higher results with marijuana than they did with prescription medications. Cancer, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and ADHD/ADD were all mentioned specifically in the article as the 5 that have been proven so far.

Every prescription drug can have nasty side effects, depending on how your body chemicals interact with the medication, while marijuana does not have that problem most of the time.

With cancer, the active parts of marijuana can slow down the growth of tumors, can actually kill cancer cells, and can even shut down the spreading of the cancer cells that are not killed. Fibromyalgia is not as well known as cancer. It is a chronic pain disease in which many parts of the body experience pain very differently from people without the disease, and can also be accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues.

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Marijuana can attach themselves to, and interact with, the parts of the body that cause inflammation, a major cause of pain, making them less likely to flare up in the first place. In the treatment of epilepsy, the same components of marijuana that help to kill cancer cells are also an anticonvulsant, which helps with the seizures that things like phenobarbital are used for. Marijuana also helps to prevent certain types of white blood cells from attacking nerves, which is what causes multiple sclerosis, without the side effects that some prescriptions cause, such as less immunity to infections.

Finally, with ADHD/ADD, marijuana works similarly to Ritalin, by calming down the patients and helping them to focus on tasks at hand. While I’m sure there are scientists disputing the results that have been found, sometimes the results know more than the men and women disputing them. When an individual suffers from anxiety, they often have panic attacks and never get the anxiety treated, because they don’t want to be put on different medications until they find one that works. From personal experience, I know that panic attacks are fairly unpleasant. While I do not have medical documentation in front of me, I can still say with confidence that marijuana helps with that. I know many people who suffer from anxiety in silence, and they have turned to marijuana for help. It calms the body down, and relaxes it to the point of being able to deal with the problem at hand. I use it for anxiety and panic attacks, and I use it to help me focus on what I am trying to accomplish. I have not yet found a strain of marijuana that does not help with that, although I am sure that they exist. I know a few people who cannot function in the real world without smoking first, because they are afraid of what people will think of them.

The plant gives them the confidence they would not have had otherwise. Many prescription medications on the market have nasty side effects that harm both a persons outer appearance, and their internal organs. For example, when my grandfather had his heart transplant, his body rejected the heart because all of the medications that he had been put on to keep him alive had poisoned all of his other organs. The chemicals in the prescriptions may help with one problem, but they can cause others without realizing that they will do that. With marijuana, that is not the case. It is a plant; all natural and not altered. It is grown, dried, bagged, and sold. There are ways to make it seem like it is not marijuana, like with drinks or with edibles, but it is still that one natural ingredient that makes all the difference. Marijuana does not kill people, while medications have been proven to do just that, even if that is not their intended use. People can OD on pills, but it is not possible to OD on marijuana. There have been no documented deaths from marijuana usage, while thousands of deaths can be pinned on prescription drugs. To those that oppose the legalization of marijuana, I respect that decision, but I cannot agree with it. There are far too many benefits of the legalization of medical marijuana for me to oppose it. Medically, there are breakthroughs being made every day with so many drugs. What makes this one so different? It is safer, and cheaper, and all around a better option than all the chemicals being used now. I will support this my whole life, and I have always preferred natural medicines anyway.

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