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The following sample essay on “The professor of John Katzenbach Review”. John Katzenbach wrote a technically good psychological thriller.

Adrian Thomas is a psychology professor retired and decided to end his life. After a neurological examination of the findings is clear: dementia, in a very rapidly progressing variant. He drives home, remains a moment to sit behind the wheel – and sees on the sidewalk on the other side of the street, a 16-year-old girl in dilapidated clothing – ripped jeans, parka, baseball cap.

On her backpack dangling a teddy bear. In unerring, brisk step it proceeds.

Because approaching a white van, slow you down, and then davonzurasen with aufheulendem engine and spinning wheels. The girl has disappeared from the scene. A moment believes Adrian, his illness play a trick on him, and everything was only an hallucination. But then he is sure to have been an eyewitness of a kidnapping. On the road is namely a pink baseball cap, inside a name: Jennifer …

What did the kidnappers with this girl before? When it comes to blackmail or threaten her a different fate?

At first, I found the novel “The Professor” pulled something tough and protracted.

But soon the strong characters Jennifer and Adrian have me intrigued. Both are prisoners and lonely people. Everyone struggles with his last strength that reminds one of their lives, the other against his illness.

The haunting description of Jennifer situation very strong kidnapped on reports and liberated people, such as the recent sensational case Natascha Kampusch. By feelings of fear, helplessness and resignation a stage of readiness comes to play along to offer through their own intelligence to the tormentors Paroli.

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Jennifer has her little Mr. Brown Bear, with whom she cuddle and talk can. Her captors are fascinated by their unusually cool charisma and yet develop greater humiliation. It gets to the brink of identity loss and mental breaking.

Adrian Thomas oscillates between reality and an imaginary world where he is surrounded by his dead relatives. He actually wanted to be with them soon; now they speak to him, advise him, give him food for thought and ask him to look for Jennifer. Now he has a task for which it is worth fighting for. Not give him much time for how long the hijackers Jennifer still alive, and as long as he can still rely on his brain?

John Katzenbach wrote a technically good psychological thriller. It could be argued that the issue of criminal storyline – it’s about cyber crime with pornographic background – both in the media as has already been adequately addressed in other novels. What my enthusiasm brakes but stronger, is that the dramatic thriller this pretty straight forward, a little predictable runs. There is a lack of unexpected turns and action blockbusters.

This is the first John Katzenbach-novel I’ve read. Most of his Thriller (such as “The Ward” and “The Sacrifice”) are bestsellers, and so does “The Professor” certainly will be read by his fans with enthusiasm.

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