The Process and Effects of the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriages

Topics: Gay Marriage

For this research proposal, I will be focusing on same-sex marriage, or in other words “gay marriage”. It is an issue because people usually would like to express ways that it’s “disgusting”, it’s wrong, or it’s a sin according to Christianity at times. Also, in the physical form, the homosexual/bisexual people tend to think different compared to your average normal person in society politically and religiously.

Something which may also be a threat politically and on social terms due to the large amount of insecurities from an individual pouring into society as well.

“Too often physicians have seen the price that their patients have paid for society’s lack of acceptance of homosexuality. Stigma and shame lead to stress, anxiety, dysfunctional behavior, depression, even suicide.(#5)” My main focus of this research is to where, why, when, how is same-sex marriage legalized and their effects on them, especially through constant protests from the people as well. Mainly because of how this has been a major debate for many years politically and religiously., especially in the Texas Panhandle as well.

This also does have to concern more about their treatment from society and churches specifically, and then the effects of their well being as a person.. “Christian photographers, bakers, and other business owners have been sued by human rights commissions for not serving same-sex weddings or similar ceremonies (#4) That is why the basic human rights of gays and legalization of same-sex marriage have a lot of similarity due to their treatment despite the fact that they have basic rights, but it didn’t really protect them from persecution from other people such as the Wesley Foundation at West Texas A&M University and how they kicked out a leader there for being gay.

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This study will compare, investigate, describe, determine, examine, evaluate, explore the panhandle of Texas that looked into this issue, their thoughts, and how they resolved in their own way, then their effects in their respective society, political views, and acceptance. As well as the different impacts that affect them in any shape or form.

Literature review

There is also a consideration in the role of religion that shapes the normative and informational influences in each individual’s social and political network as well as the negative effects and consequences in the inner group attitudes(#2). Because same-sex marriage affects how we interact with homosexuals religiously and politically regarding acceptance to how they believe what’s right or wrong as well as their basic rights and raising their own family.. In this study, i want to find out more about the effects of same sex marriage and the negative effects if they were deemed unacceptable in multiple ways such as STIs, rejecting LGBT(Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgenders).

Religion is a major factor that affects the entire aspect of same-sex marriage. “Various reasons for the liberalization also involve demographic shifts, different beliefs about the nature of homosexuality, frequent personal contact with gays and lesbians involved with lower levels of prejudice, and media portrayals of gays and lesbians in a positive view. (article 2).: Because of the media and demographics, there will be heads that can get bashed for “hating” and/or the intolerance of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. This also causes a notable change and disruption as well for person related features such as prejudice with the church, and moving to other countries where same-sex marriage is legal such as Canada, The result of such relationships and attitude changes can also lead to equal status and/or rights in the process.”In 2004, Massachusetts became the first state in the country to give same-sex marriages full legal recognition, however, today same-sex marriage is legal by legislative and/or judicial action in more than thirty five states and the District of Columbia in America. (#5).

Since same-sex marriage is recognized and went through legal recognition and acceptance became a different story in America unlike Canada when compared with immigration and illegal immigration conflict rather than just beliefs and/or actions of the political and religious systems simultaneously. Also by the method people in their respective environments and social circles interact and react with homosexuality, similar with other ethnicities in a similar way due to social behaviors associated with different pathways of the law and social value. I’ve decided to conduct this research because of how much of a impact through the church rather than just through the government. There has been churches that treat them badly for homosexuality but from a viewpoint, the government weren’t as bad because of how they gave the homosexuals basic human rights, but did not take the initiative to create peace similar to how Martin Luther King Jr. did towards people with different skin colors. That is why I decided to research this and hopefully see if the church can find a solution towards a lot of nonsense regardless, similar to the recreational use of marijuana. So the question for that matter is how much of a role in religion that shapes the influences in the media and the consequences towards same sex marriage and/or homosexuality? There may be a lot of churches that do not accept that form, perhaps very little do.


I will be studying the population though the Canyon area as well as some of Amarillo, more notably West Texas A&M University as well in Texas. Because the University setting and environment is a lot different than the social circles and norms that take place in Amarillo. From students in both areas to young adults and/or adults that are LGBT that has a voice regarding same-sex marriage and other factors towards homosexuality such as social values and religious beliefs. And what happens to them both on the scene in society and behind the scenes whenever they are at home, if they are depressed, anxious, or any negative emotions that take place because of the way they’ve been treated. This actually starts by building a relationship slowly and taking the time to get to know them at their own pace if they are actually comfortable with it, from being friends is a start as well.

The way that I’m going to be doing this is to find at least two people that are either gay or lesbian from a different social circle and/or church in order to see the differences and the similarities in behavior, thinking pattern, attitude, beliefs, in order to see where they are coming from and how that specific area affects them in that way whether it was the church, society, etc. Showing a large amount of empathy while analyzing their actions and thinking during that process as well, similar to how you write down notes when you need to collect and review data at a later time. The only difference is interacting with them and memorizing the main point and notable actions and sayings coming from them that needs to be noted. That is something I start off with when communicating with certain people, however because of how same-sex marriage is still an issue, I will also take note of the conversations. In order to collect data, I usually like to use some forms of questionnaires as well as basic questions to get to know what they do and what they want in the near future. While standardized scales, I will also attempt to memorize the scales in a more macro related view and review them later on for a micro and detailed view after the conversations are done and over with.

On the other hand, interviewing them individually and in groups would become a different story because I usually prefer to take some time to know the individuals one by one before moving onto groups in order to observe common traits among the other groups. That is just a personal thing that I am willing to do first thing. In order to collect data, I will occasionally head over to the designated areas that have a certain reputation whether it is good or bad and to carefully see and communicate with anyone that is LGBT. I will also see if any friends of mine are a part of that certain organization or social group to help me to point out who’s gay or not. Then I will see if they want to get into conversations with me about their point of view, especially with same-sex marriage later down the line if they are comfortable with open discussion regarding that category. What I plan on doing is to discuss with the people that I know personally that is gay and don’t really have a problem with discussion same-sex marriage and pointing me out to their other gay friends to discuss more about it. However, that being said, one guy that is a Christian ended up getting kicked out of the Wesley Foundation at West Texas A&M for being gay. Whereas, others that are gay or lesbian ended up treated badly there as well.

In response, they ended up leaving the Christian organization as well and told their other friends never to step foot in that place at all. Even a friend of mine who else is gay is angry about the response towards same-sex marriage. I would also take note of the key differences and similarities afterwards on a separate notepad after talking to them about. That is what I’m planning on data analysis afterwards, discussion is where and when I’m going to take note as much as I can. Connect your study into your major field I would have to connect this study into my major towards helping to find a solution towards basic human rights regarding same-sex marriage. Then I would like to provide as much hospitality to them as I can handle while showing a lot of empathy towards them whenever they didn’t get treated the right way for being gay and the desire for same-sex marriage. Most of all I would not like to be the one to argue and debate about the legalization about same-sex marriage either way, all I’d like to do is create inner peace as much as I am able towards them.

Another thing that I would like to do to connect this study is also to find as much similarity and solution methods similar to how the legalization of marijuana took place for recreational use. Most of the time, it would be illegal whereas it would be ok to legalize them in some states in order to create less conflict and strain in political issues regarding that matter for recreational use and for medical use. Just like how I know of someone that is allergic to most medications so she had to retort to the use of opium for her illness, but it only created problems for her after using too much opium due to the power of its addiction. That is why it’s better off to legalize same-sex marriage in a small amount of states first thing before moving onto the legalization of any other states) or territories at first.

How would your study benefit your field

This study would actually benefit my field because it would help me get the basic idea of what to research and how to do it first thing before taking action about it. This also did help me plan what I need to do in discussion towards others regarding same sex marriage. And then taking what I have in order to see if I can take the time to find the solution towards resolving the conflict as much as I can. Similar to how to solve one’s own personal conflicts with relationships at the same time. Also, this gives one another reason why should not be a prick no matter what the situation is, and to be careful of which church I should go to and interview.

To benefit my field is to also expand my knowledge and capability for whatever I’m going to be doing later on. This also taught me how to be a bit more respectful towards those around me, especially with homosexuality whenever they need to be accepted and to become a little more mindful about same-sex marriage as well. It may also be not the right way to some degree, but who are we to really judge that in the end. As well as to be able to analyze why certain folks decide to react a certain way and their behavior at the same time. Therefore, this is benefitting for my own good in both on the scenes work and behind the scenes, then taking the initiative to resolve.


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