The Problem of Racism Towards Vietnamese People

It is very hard to perchase a dream because there are influences from family.

Actually, since I was very young, since I was unable to have ideas what carrer is, my parents soon formed and guided it in mind my. My mother has worked for a bank and they want me to follow. Everyday, while my mother was riding us to school, Mom keep talk about how good benefits a bank’s employee can get to her children and say “I wish you learn in Business major so as to work for a bank”.

As we grew up, my two older sisters got married very soon and couldn’t finish their studying; so my parent’s dream has pass to me. Just like Andrew X. Pham’s family in the article “Catfish and Mandala”, his parent want him to study in Aerospace Engineering and work for an airplane. And then, because he gives up his parent’s dream top be a freelance writer, their hope has passed to his younger brother.

Racism is an obstacle for immigrants in general and for Vietnamese in particular. As being working as part-time employee at 7-Eleven, I can see how clear discrimination. Beside, as studying at De Anza college, I usually see a group of same race people play together.

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