The Problem of Procrastination Among Students and Ways to Address the Bad Practice

Ever have procrastinated? The answer for every single person is yes Procrastination is not the best work scheduling system, but it is a safety system, We are able to relax for long periods of Lime because we know ourselves, and we know that we will get work done when the anxiety of a close deadline kicks in Schools always want students to learn to manage their time and avoid procrastination. The thing is, if we have a deadline every time, we will procrastinate every single time Thus, from the logic above we can state the following equation: deadlines equal procrastination, which applies for 99% of real cases.

So you might be wondering, why do we need to learn to work without deadlines? First of all, since deadlines equal procrastination and procrastination always deprives people from doing their best work possible, then if we set up a simple system of equations, deadlines always deprive people from doing their best work possible

Then again, schools say we need to be responsible and learn by ourselves to work without procrastinating, but that is just not possible when using deadlines.

What schools want students to do is mathematically impossible; they want no procrastination while using deadlines, but we already know procrastination equals deadlines. Work will continue to get done, but we will never learn the autonomy of working without a definite deadline We will not learn to work without procrastinating if we keep working with deadlines. As long as schools promote deadlines, they promote procrastination for the rest of people’s lives.

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The imponance of teaching people how to live the rest of their lives without procrastinating is real because most of life’s important moments do not have a deadline.

Living life does not have a deadline, making things right with someone special to you does not have a deadline, and the international politics about armed conflicts do not have definite deadlines. People nowadays are not being able to get business done, “1 cannot be the only person wondering that right now When it comes to meeting deadlines, the world’s power brokers are hardly setting a shining example, Whether negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran, an economic bailoui for Greece or a cap on carbon emissions, they seem trapped in the same pantomime of procrastination,” says Carl Hunuré, in an opinion article for The New York Times. This is because everybody is accustomed to deadlines since school.


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