The Prevent School Shootings

Can Gun Control prevent school shootings? When owning a gun, there is a forty-three times higher likelihood of killing a family member, friend, or neighbor than an intruder. Parents who negligently allow kids to access their firearms should face some type of charge for not taking extra precaution or providing a better safety environment around their child and others. Studies have shown that these laws reduce both unintentional firearms deaths and suicides of children in the states they enacted the child access prevention.

Gun Control can be a safer environment for kids at school or home, along with gun education of how use it properly and maturely and how deadly it is to others. Therefore, people should consider what gun control can do to help the community around them and provide a safer environment.

Why could gun control prevent school shootings? It would create less of a danger because of the restrictions to guns listed in the gun control law. Gun control should in place to have safety for kids at schools and homes.

“As Americans reflect on these horrifying events, we should also consider how preventable they were. In fact, many of the school shootings this year and in the past could have been prevented with just commonsense safety measures in the home—no new legislation or rules needed” (Aborn 2). A twelve-year old kid at school injured two students and killed his teacher along with himself being shot, the gained information of how the firearm was accessed to kid is still unknown but more than likely it was obtained by either parents or a known source like a friend.

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89% of unintentional shootings deaths of children are in the homes when children are playing with a loaded gun without their parents present.

The parent’s relatives who have allowed guns to be around use, feel bad and may even face criminal and civil prosecution for their negligence of their child. If safety measures were not put in place or taught, an immature mind can wield bad power and do a lot of things with that power that wouldn’t be necessarily good for others or him/herself. Gun safety should be taught at home. It would be better to understand why kids use guns or others and focus on risk factors, incident triggers and effective interventions that can cause any mental health problems or bad influential thoughts. Mostly now the cause is social media is the leading factor of school shootings or harm to others. This needs to be examined because most kids have a social media account or have a device to access any social platform that could potentially have some content that may lead to an unsafe future and lead to harming one another. Violent behavior online such as taunting posts on either social media platform photos or videos may interface with devastating real-world consequences.

Why would gun control not prevent school shootings? Gun control doesn’t correlate with decreased violence. Yes the 2nd Amendment is an individual right but it does keep kids getting ahold of unprotected or unsupervised guns laying around. We can’t take away a right unless its removed lawfully from the constitution and so people have to choose to be smart about the situation at hand. Teaching children gun safety is not effective because it doesn’t help risk factors. Just cause you teach a kid what a firearm can do and how to use it properly, it can still not be used to their thoughts of a risk factor that came up and they could still cause harm. “We put gates around swimming pools to keep children from drowning. We put safety caps on medications to keep children from poisoning themselves. Like bodies of water and colorful pills, a gun is what the law of torts calls ‘an attractive nuisance.’ In other words, guns present a unique allure for children, especially for boys. For that reason, and because children are naturally curious and impulsive, and because we have shown time and again that we cannot ‘gun proof’ them with education, we have a responsibility to keep guns out of the hands of children.” (Sanfilippo 8 )

Teaching a kid how to control themselves would be better route to take and could create less of a tension to cause harm to another. Residents of the United States should consider why gun control would benefit kids and or adults in schools and at home. It would create a more of a safer society for people to feel safe. Though there would still be violence with guns at schools there would be way more less of it than what it is now in American schools. There would also be less crimes around area and or school areas from banning weapons of a certain kind, and for people to be better educated or how firearms work and what they can do.

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