The Presentation of the Role Models

Role Models to people are celebrities or someone who’s an athlete, Well I don’t see those people to be real role models. My definition of a role model is someone who has always been there, helps you and helps themselves through struggles, your number 1 supporter and will have your back in life no matter what. Yeah, I have someone like that in my life and actually lives’ with me. My motherr She is a strong women, a great supporter, loving & helps others before she helps herself.

Growing up, I’ve always looked up to her because with all the struggles she still manages to keep a smile on her face and keep life going on. She’s always telling me “Make me proud chels”, which I intend to do and not let her down My mom didn’t finish high school, instead got her GED. She also didn‘t finish college because she had me. Getting my education completed is a big deal for my mom.

She didn’t want to see her child go through the same struggles she did Having a high school diploma makes my mom feel great because her daughter achieved something great, but going off to college makes her a proud mom knowing I’m going to do something with my life, She had to go through arguments, heartbreaks, family issues and even deal with my mistakes at times. She always pushed me when it came to school, always motivated me & kept me off the streets so that I won’t turn out like half of these kids out there not doing anything with there lives.

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My mom is a true Ecuadorian mom. Her parents were 100% strict on her, they immigrated from Ecuador to the US before she was born. They are the type of people that everything has to be precise and on point. My mom was rebellious because she wanted her freedom but her parents didn’t give it to herr My mom promised herself that when she has a child, that she wouldn’t be the same way as her parents were to her. She kept her promise.

Raising me she was strict and she enforced the rules, but she gave me my freedom. There was always problems coming into my moms life, either it was family, friends, relationships, work or even 1. She would always know how to deal with them and keep moving forward, because as she says “don‘t look back at your past, look forward and keep it moving’fl With my mom, money is something she struggles with the most, but she’s the type even if she’s struggling if someone needs help paying for something necessary she will help them, she puts everyone before she puts herselfi Family & friends is her life. My relationship with her is a rocky one, but which mother daughter relationship isn‘ti At the end of the day, she will be my mother the person who will always be there for me no matter what, my real friend and someone who will always tell you the truths She‘s a phenomenal woman and she is an amazing person to look up to, that’s why my mom is my role model and I can’t ask for a better person then hers.

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