The Power Of The Big Fish By Andrea Camilleri Review

The plot is the crime of Garlasco basis: The young student Chiara Poggi was found dead on 13 August 2007 in her apartment, stabbed with a tailor scissors. All investigations were directed against her fiancé Alberto Stasi. The case attracted huge media interest. Since Camilleri, began writing his novel “The power of the big fish”; it should be a “historic” novel – one over the latest story.

In a “note” at the end of this novel Andrea Camilleri reflects on the question of what emphasizes a historical novel as such a distinctive and that.

everything except the “historic core” of Garlasco constellation alone his imagination sprang. He had never researched – he knew neither the legal system nor with the activities of the media nor the power of the banks in the policies and institutions; what he wrote, he knew only from the newspaper. Experts would therefore certainly “inconsistencies with reality … smile” (218) – and that the crafty author of “better” is this, showing us what is important to him: the public “inconsistencies” to keep in mind.

If one knows, then Camilleri, and he describes these aspects of Sicilian society as always masterfully – including the Mafia, with its proven motto “Io ti do ‘na cosa a te, tu mi dai’ na cosa a me” ( ” will you give me, I’ll give you. “).

Manlio Caputo is suspected of having murdered his fiancee Amalia Sacerdote. Both fathers are bitter political opponents: Manlios Father Ignatio is deputy of the Left Party, Amalia’s father is secretary general of the opposing party, and his stepbrother draws as a powerful Mafia boss sent the threads: One chooses clever lawyers, exchanges the prosecutor and the investigating inspector – and new team suddenly pulls another suspect from his sleeve.

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Is Manlio, who always maintained his innocence, can pull his head out of the noose? A web of entanglements is designed, which is primarily of maintaining power of the big fish is used.

All of these developments are naturally burning interesting fodder for the local press. The large public channel RAI (the Italian ARD) conducted by Michele Caruso remains a discrete and sends messages itself exactly an informant Caruso during lunch meetings, with delay. His counterpart and rival Alfio Smecca want to tell much more aggressive – and also has a protégé who wants to heave it on Caruso’s post. To further complication adds that Caruso ironically maintains a love affair with Smeccas wife Giuditta. Finally Smecca is weggelobt by human addition to Catania, which Caruso loses his lover – but he retains his post yes much money has the deputy Filippone – a big fish, he has liked subsidies Brussels put into his own pocket. But of course he escaped from the network of financial police.


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The Power Of The Big Fish By Andrea Camilleri Review
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