The Power of Positive Thinking

A positive attitude maintains happiness. Adopting a positive frame of mind helps me stay happy. I believe if you have a negative attitude, failure and difficulties are bound to take place. Staying positive has a lot to do with how my life is turning out. A positive outlook on life makes me happy and full of zest, while being negative makes me unhappy and apathetic. I believe in the power of positivity, that half the battle is won by just believing it will be won.

I have experienced and overcome hardship. I was mentally hurt. I was always feeling indifferent. I was feeling low with self-esteem. I did not want to deal with anymore hardship in my life. I was constantly mourning situations and refusing to let go. I was fearful of continuing to live. I grew to learn hard times will inevitably come, there is no way around them. But when you’re positive, it’s easier to handle hard situations and move past them.

A negative attitude never helped any situation of mine.

My attitude improved when I distant myself from anything that triggered sadness or anger. I changed bad memories or thoughts into happy memories and thoughts. I began to focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems. I viewed my problems and unfortunate situations as an incomplete puzzle that needs completion. Instead, I viewed the situation as difficult and unchanging. I started to become mentally stronger and resilient. I disengaged from any thoughts of fear and improved my courage.

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My courage allowed me to trust myself in overcoming negativity.

Thinking positively has motivated me and helped me with certain accomplishments, tasks, dreams, and goals. Now, obstacles are easier to tackle. Being positive not only helps to accomplish obstacles but, helps me stay optimistic and motivated even if something bad happens. Motivation is also a positive quality. Positivity and motivation are great combinations that pushed me forward, encouraged me, and helped me overcome obstacles.

Positivity increased my motivation to succeed in school and other endeavors. It helped me get what I wanted because it made me believe I could get what I wanted. The more I achieve, positivity keeps me motivated to achieve more. Adopting this positivity has improved the way I feel about myself. Adopting a positive attitude and thinking positively, allowed me to gain a better opinion of myself, which improved my self-esteem.

Before adopting a positive attitude, I would always worry and have negative thoughts that deteriorated my personal life and health. I was never optimistic. Throughout hardships, keeping a positive mindset has helped me cope with my battles more easily than ever. It brought an unlimited amount of optimism and is permanently adopted into my way of life. My life has forever changed, I have gained much more success, and I am so much happier. Now, I look at myself and view my life in positive ways. Listening to negative people and what they would think and say about me effected my life. I had to learn to tune out negative thoughts and people. Keeping a positive attitude toward myself, no matter what or where I am. By myself or around others. I have noticed I get treated with more respect and get happier with positive people around me. Positive thoughts and attitudes like loving myself, being good to myself, and being happy has helped me maintain positive thoughts. I think positively.

Therefore, I am more energetic and healthier than people who think negatively because they are down or distraught. My happiness and positivity have affected my health, in a good way. The mind has a strong effect on the body and health. My relationships with people have gotten better. I tend to gravitate towards positive people like myself and keep a distance from negative people. The positive people I have encountered bring joy, uplifting energy, and are fun to be around. Positive people bring light, joy, and energizes and brightens the room.

To conclude, I believe that attitudes can affect a person’s behavior. Positively or negatively, attitudes can affect the workplace, friendships, and family. People who keep positive perspectives and attitude tend to produce more happiness. I want to be a person who exalts positivity and happiness. For the future, I want to motivate those who are depressed like I was. I want to show others how to cultivate a positive attitude because it will lead to a positive life.

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