The Positive Influence of Technology on the American School System

In today’s age it is no secret that technology is taking over whether it be media, transportation, communication, etc. Education is no exception. Technological innovation is changing the way students learn and teachers teach. Although there are two sides to every story I feel that technology is positively influencing the school systems in the United States.

I was fortunate enough to be enrolled in Trumbull Public Schools where the importance of technology in my education was made apparent. Trumbull public schools fully recognized and embraced the new literacy that has emerged from technology.

During my four years at Trumbull High School big technology advancements were made to create a technology-rich environment. Smart boards were added to every classroom, free wireless Internet is now accessible through the entire school, and along with computer labs we have laptop carts, iPad carts and Chromebook carts. Every single one of my classes incorporated technology in one way or another whether it is through projects, communication, assignment and the list goes on.

Not only has my school system incorporated technology into our everyday curriculum but so did the private school in my town. In the fall of 2014 St. Joseph High School created an “iPad Environment.” They implemented this system because iPads, “supports a variety of teaching and learning styles, encourages student centered learning, enhances our commitment to the 21st century skills initiative, fosters inquiry based learning, develops critical thinking skills, emphasizes global awareness, and accesses real world, real time knowledges” (St Joseph High School 2014).

Technology obviously “deepen(s) and enhance(s) the learning process” (Edutopia 2008) and it “helps students stay engaged” because “students love technology so they are sure to be interested in learning if they can use the tools they love” (Wainwright 2015) and the list can go on but I feel the most important reason why technology is being integrated into all school’s curriculums is because students need to be prepared for the real world environment.

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The world and specifically our nation are becoming more and more dependent on technology by the day. In order for educators to fully prepare students to have a successful future they need to make sure they are tech-savvy.

Like I have mentioned I was lucky enough to be apart of the integration of technology in education and I hope for all children’s sake every school district in the United States is able to make a full transformation in the next few years. It is important to recognize the beneficial impacts technology makes on both teaching and learning.

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